Day: June 13, 2020

School buses visit the homes of 700 students for mini graduation ceremonies

Bridgewater-Raritan High School organized a traveling graduation ceremony for senior students. (Photo: Courtesy of Bridgewater-Raritan High School)
Bridgewater-Raritan High School organized a traveling graduation ceremony for senior students. (Photo: Courtesy of Bridgewater-Raritan High School)

Seven hundred senior students received their high school diplomas from traveling buses that stopped at each of their homes to present their diplomas.

Staff at Bridgewater-Raritan High School in New Jersey recruited eight buses for the mobile graduation, a safer way to celebrate given the coronavirus pandemic. Over a four-day period this week, each vehicle made an estimated 26 stops per day, spending a few minutes with each student at his or her home, staying conscious of social distance guidance.

The goal, says assistant principal Michael Godown, was to make a personal connection with students who hadn’t been in school since the middle of March, when classes went online. “It was wonderful and the feedback we got, was that it was better than a traditional graduation ceremony,” he tells Yahoo Life.

Beforehand, buses

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What is Juneteenth 2020, the holiday marking the end of US slavery?

On June 19, Americans around the country will celebrate Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

This year, the annual celebration of freedom comes as the country grapples with its longstanding tradition of systemic racism, as well as the fate of its Confederate monuments, flags and symbols amid nationwide protests against police brutality and racism following the death of George Floyd.

Although the holiday centers on the freedom of African Americans from slavery, “the message of Juneteenth is a positive unifying one” for all Americans, said Steve Williams, president of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation. 

“Juneteenth is a unifying holiday,” Williams said. “It is the completion of the celebration of freedom in America.”

In this June 20, 2014, file photo, Civil War re-enactors Lt. James Hayes, from left, Samuel Stephenson and Marvin-Alonzo Greer participate in a Juneteenth celebration at the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum in Atlanta. Juneteenth celebration started with the freed slaves of Galveston, Texas. Although the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in the South in 1863, it could not be enforced in many places until after the end of the Civil War in 1865.
In this June 20, 2014, file photo, Civil War re-enactors Lt. James Hayes, from left, Samuel Stephenson and Marvin-Alonzo Greer participate in a Juneteenth celebration at the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War
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Can U.S. Universities Make a Comeback? A Debate

(Bloomberg Opinion) — The coronavirus pandemic forced almost all U.S. colleges and universities to cancel classes in March and resort to remote learning for the rest of the spring semester. But the lockdowns also brought to a head long-simmering issues: Was the four-year on-campus experience worth the exorbitant cost, which many students could only afford by taking out huge loans? And how sustainable is the entire model, with tuition increases that outpace inflation and ever-more extravagant amenities offered in a bid to lure students? Bloomberg Opinion writers Tyler Cowen and Noah Smith met recently online to debate the future of American higher education.  

Noah Smith: Both you and I agree that U.S. universities are about to come under enormous stress. Many colleges were already in trouble before the pandemic because of declining enrollment, heavy student debt and a declining value proposition for many institutions. Now coronavirus will make the situation

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How to stage a good video meeting? Put on a show

T.J. Leonard likes to kick off every Monday morning with an all-hands meeting, to keep his 100-plus employees of the Storyblocks video production assistance company up to date on the latest. 

And even when everyone’s working at home, the show must go on. 

Keeping people focused on in-person meetings is hard enough. How does the CEO do it when distractions at home can include easy texting, e-mail checking, Amazon shopping and the like? 

By putting on a production.  

He has an MC. He shows video clips. He has team members do skits. 

Storyblocks CEO TJ Leonard
Storyblocks CEO TJ Leonard

“If I stood in front of the company and delivered a 15 to 30-minute monologue about our vision, we’d have a lot of people tuning out,” he says. “The type of content you can take on is more ambitious than what would you do in person.”

The new meetings require more preparation than in

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25 Ways To Save Yourself From Your Debt Disaster

A 2019 GOBankingRates survey found that debt would be the No. 1 roadblock that would stop most Americans from reaching their 2020 goals. And those who are already struggling with existing debt have likely found their situation exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has left millions of Americans without jobs. Fortunately, just because you have debt now doesn’t mean you are doomed to be paying it off forever.

I spoke to financial experts and business pros about the best ways to save yourself from debt disaster — here’s how you can turn your financial situation around.

Last updated: June 10, 2020

Stop Taking On More Debt

“The first step to getting out of debt is to stop taking on more debt,” said financial expert Chris Hogan. “Folks need to understand that debt is a threat — it’s not their friend. You have to decide that debt isn’t an option. Remember

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Alarming rise in confirmed cases in U.S. states spared from first outbreaks

While coronavirus cases in the former epicenter of New York have been steadily decreasing over the past few weeks, new cases are popping up in other areas of the U.S.

States like Texas, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina are seeing increased rates of positive COVID-19 tests. Many of these are being attributed to Memorial Day weekend activities, in which many crowds assembled throughout that weekend, potentially exposing themselves.

Coronavirus cases are declining in New York but remaining steadfast in the rest of the U.S. (Graphic: David Foster/Yahoo Finance)

“In many parts of the country, there was minimal exposure,” Dr. David Katz, a specialist in preventative medicine and president of Public Health and True Health Initiative, said on Yahoo Finance’s The Ticker. “People followed the rules, sheltered in place, socially distanced. And now there’s sort of a haphazard return to the world without a lot

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Pandemic car buying: Consumer strategies for the age of COVID-19 and beyond

To buy a car, you need money. To have money, you need a job, unless you’re cruising on investments. So for many of the 40 million unemployed Americans — only the most recent, crushing count — happy talk about buying a car is bound to chafe. 

But while the pandemic is kneecapping new-car sales, which are expected to fall about 27 percent to just 12.5 million units in 2020, tens of millions of Americans will still buy a car this year. Used cars have generated 40 million to 45 million retail sales in recent years, dwarfing sales of new models. 

So whether it’s industry rah-rah or not, the pandemic has automakers and dealers pulling out all the stops to lure shoppers back. While it’s a buyer’s market, consumers need good advice to navigate it without tripping themselves up — including by falling for screaming “deals” that aren’t what they’re cracked

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22 Side Gigs That Can Make You Richer Than a Full-Time Job

Earning extra money on the side can be easy when you know what types of opportunities to look for. Whether you want to pay off student loan debt, start saving for a big-ticket purchase or build up a fund for the future, finding one of the best side jobs out there is a great way to reach your goal.

Some side jobs pay so well that you might even consider giving up your full-time job to have more time to dedicate to these gigs. If you do these gigs regularly, you can earn a good living while still creating your own schedule and breaking out of the 9-to-5 grind.

Last updated: Feb. 1, 2020

Lawn Care Professional

Sign up as a vendor with GreenPal, a lawn care service and app that CEO Bryan Clayton describes as “Uber for lawn care,” and make money mowing lawns.“Many of our lawn care vendors

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These small businesses found new ways to serve customers by rethinking their approach

With more than 42 million people unemployed and businesses shut down in every state, COVID-19 has taken a crippling toll on America’s economic health.

For many small businesses, which comprise 47% of private-sector payrolls in the U.S., according to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, the sudden economic downturn has created a full-blown crisis.

MORE: When coronavirus hit, these small businesses got creative, but they still need help

The big-picture concern shared by economists is if businesses don’t survive, many Americans won’t have jobs to return to after the pandemic. That’s why experts have said it’s important to support local businesses, which are struggling to generate reliable income.

Now, salons, restaurants, florists and fitness instructors are creatively adjusting to the new realities of the coronavirus economy, pivoting to bringing parts of their business online, connecting with communities directly on social media or launching creative side hustles.

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