Day: June 16, 2020

Dublin Teen Finds Inspiration In Teaching Youth Finance

A reader submission from Logan Lin of Dublin:

I live in a culture where we are measured by our talents and ability. Yet far too often we overlook the importance of inspiration and initiative. Covid-19 in many ways has catapulted generations to be inspired. This period in our history has transformed the way we see our capabilities. Inspiration was always very elusive to me.

I often wondered as a teenager what truly inspired me. During this period of my life I am confined within the four walls of my home, and my interactions with my friends are “virtual”, my mother found creativity in bread making, and I found inspiration while connecting with a friend, Rohan who creates podcasts on Street Fins.

Inspiration needs 3 things: evocation, transcendence, and initiative. My inspiration was evoked by my father at the age of 8 when I first started getting a weekly allowance and

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3 reasons to make disability insurance part of your financial plan

Like clockwork, millions of Americans go to and from their job every day without incident. For an unfortunate few, today will be different.

That’s why disability insurance exists. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who gets injured or sick — maybe from COVID-19 — you’ll be covered while you’re unable to fulfill the duties of a full-time job.

It serves an obvious purpose, yet the Council for Disability Awareness reports that over 51 million working Americans have no disability insurance at all. That number should surprise you, considering that less than half of Americans have enough savings to cover a mere three months off work.

If you’re skeptical about adding another bill to the pile, here are three things you need to consider.

1. ‘Disability’ and ‘injury’ are not synonymous

Mygate / Shutterstock

Injuries are a scary reality of the workplace. Each year, 2.8 workers out of 100

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Shopping for refurbished kitchen appliances and home improvement tools is the smartest way to get more for your money

When you purchase a refurbished appliance from a trusted seller like eBay or Sears Outlet, you’re getting an item that has been used and then returned within the short return window. It’s then repaired and certified to ensure it’s functioning like new, and sold at a significant discount. (Photo: Getty Creative)
When you purchase a refurbished appliance from a trusted seller like eBay or Sears Outlet, you’re getting an item that has been used and then returned within the short return window. It’s then repaired and certified to ensure it’s functioning like new, and sold at a significant discount. (Photo: Getty Creative)

There are two ways to save money on big purchases like kitchen appliances and home improvement tools: you can wait and wait for the best sales, and then fight your way through the crowds to shop them; or you can buy certified refurbished merchandise for significant discounts. The best part? These refurbished products look, feel and function like they’re brand new.

In the same way that you can return clothes that doesn’t fit quite right when you get it home, you can return appliances and tools too. Those barely-used items go back to the store or manufacturer, but because

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Support Black Artists, Creatives, & Entrepreneurs With Airbnb

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues garnering support on a global scale, there are plenty of ways to take an active part beyond spreading awareness through social media posts. Protests and petitions have been a crucial way to make collective demands for change, but it’s also important for us to make strategic monetary contributions that will support the Black community long term. From fashion brands to beauty businesses, Black-owned companies are starting to receive the long-overdue recognition that they so deserve (if you don’t know about the 15 Percent Pledge yet, read this). And, it doesn’t stop with online shopping — which is exactly where Airbnb comes into play.

If the online trip-booking platform serves as nothing more than a reminder of all the traveling you won’t be doing this summer, we’re here to convince you otherwise. While we haven’t figured out a way to teleport you to that

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Carriers Gain Customer And Credit Options As Volumes Surge

As the United States reopens its economy and quarantined consumers return to quasi-normal behaviors with their stimulus checks, overall freight volumes are surging. While capacity remains loose, rates are rebounding from their low levels. This could be due to the reopening of restaurants and seasonal movement of produce out of Florida and California. Also, the online electronics sector is up 150% year-over-year, proving the power of e-commerce. 

“Shippers are still in a dominant pricing power position, but things are much brighter today than they were two weeks ago for the carriers,” said Andrew Cox, a FreightWaves research analyst.  “The big momentum swing has come on volumes being positive year-over-year and on a two-year stack. It’s yet to be known how long this can last. It could be that pent-up demand is surging volumes up. They could stabilize or even fall a little bit in the future.”


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How to Save Time and Money Food Shopping

Shopping for groceries has been fraught enough of late—and that was before food prices spiked. Now consumers need to find new ways to economize on what they buy at the store while continuing to stay safe as they shop.

Grocery prices rose a seasonally adjusted 1 percent between April and May, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks the prices of goods and services that Americans consume. That’s not as high as the 2.6 percent increase between March and April. But taken together, those increases mean Americans paid an average 4.8 percent more for “food at home,” as the BLS calls it, than they did in May 2019.

Some of the largest increases are due to events you’ve seen in the news. Beef and veal posted their highest-ever one-month gain, 10.8 percent, the result of temporary shutdowns of meatpacking plants where workers were infected with the coronavirus.

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What rich people are buying during coronavirus. Hint: It’s not toilet paper

Miss Diamond Ring founder Michelle Demaree has been regularly selling hefty engagement rings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. <span class="copyright">(Michelle Demaree)</span>
Miss Diamond Ring founder Michelle Demaree has been regularly selling hefty engagement rings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. (Michelle Demaree)

A few weeks after much of the U.S. went into a shutdown because of the coronavirus, Peter Webster, cofounder and president of New York jewelry company Roberto Coin, got a call from a client who was seeking a 25th-anniversary gift for his wife.

In accordance with his client’s budget, Webster sent off a 120-carat diamond necklace, priced at $1.5 million, for consideration.

“That will buy a lot of forgiveness,” Webster said with a laugh a few weeks ago. “We’re seeing quite a few sales in the $50,000-to-$100,000 range. People have this pent-up frustration. They can’t go on their world trip so they will buy jewelry. There’s much more movement than I thought there was going to be.”

Wealthy people are generally still rich despite COVID-19, which has caused economic havoc and

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Mortgage Lenders ‘Make Hay’ With Loan Spreads Widest Since 2008

(Bloomberg) — Unemployment is high. Credit is tight. And scientists are warning that a dangerous second wave of the coronavirus is coming. But somehow, U.S. mortgage companies are having one of their best years in history.

Just ask Keith VandenAkker. He’s forgoing weekends to keep up with the work.

In 22 years as a Massachusetts mortgage appraiser, he’s never been this busy. The jump in refinancing was to be expected, with rates near record lows. The surprise, he said, is that the spring property sales season, delayed for a couple months by the health crisis, is demanding most of his time.

“June is kicking my butt,” VandenAkker said, rushing in his silver Subaru, mask in hand, to the next appraisal. “I got 8 or 9 orders yesterday and I’m just a one-man show.”

Lenders are getting bombarded with calls from homeowners looking for cheaper loans. They’re also hearing from potential

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PG&E Is Set to Exit Bankruptcy, Ending Saga Sparked by Fires

(Bloomberg) — Only 19 months after the Camp Fire erupted in the tinderbox mountains of Northern California, PG&E Corp., the power utility behind the deadliest conflagration in the state’s history, is poised to emerge from bankruptcy with its safety still in question.

As the state braces for another fire season, the judge overseeing PG&E’s Chapter 11 case said Tuesday he would approve its $59 billion turnaround plan. Moments earlier, its chief executive officer pleaded guilty on behalf of the company to involuntary manslaughter, brining its criminal case from the deadly blaze close to an end. And on Wall Street, PG&E moved forward with plans to sell bonds to fund its restructuring.

The quick series of events conclude a tumultuous chapter for PG&E. Yet it’s exiting bankruptcy facing many of the same challenges as it did the day it filed. Efforts to strengthen its finances and safety procedures are still underway,

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Here’s How Cartier Is Helping Female Entrepreneurs Make a Big Global Impact

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Ready for a little good news? Cartier has announced 21 finalists for its Cartier Women’s Initiative, three of which hail from North America. Each year since 2006, the French jewelry and watch maison has used the platform to support female entrepreneurs with start-up businesses aimed at making a social or environmental impact. To date, CWI has given over $3 million to aid 240 women from 56 different countries. Of the various female-run companies to participate over the last 14 years, 80 percent are still in operation 15 years later, according to Cartier CEO Cyril Vigneron. That is an impressive number given that statistically, only 25% of new businesses survive to the 15-year marker.

While the businesses that take part in CWI are for profit, Vigneron says their ultimate goal is to make effect change for the good of humanity. “They work deeply with

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