Singapore Wants Cold War’s Casualties, Not Cash

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Morgan Stanley Bets on These 3 Stocks; Sees Over 40% Upside

Did the stock market’s epic rally just need a little breather? The last few weeks have seen stocks experience their first meaningful correction since the bull market kicked off in March. Now, the question swirling around the Street is, will the rally pick back up again, or is more downside on the way?According to Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist Mike Wilson, uncertainty regarding the presidential election and stalemate on the next stimulus package could lead to declines in September and October. “On the correction, there’s still downside as markets digest the risk of congressional gridlock on the next fiscal deal. While we think something will ultimately get done, it will likely take another few weeks to get it over the goal line,” he noted.However, Wilson argues the recent volatility in no way signals the end of the

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Kamala Harris Wore Timberlands. The Internet Responded.

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Frederic J Brown/Getty
Frederic J Brown/Getty

Kamala Harris did not step off of her private plane on her way to visiting the scene of a devastating California wildfire so much as she bounced. The Vice Presidential nominee did so in Timberland boots, drawing a wave of online cheers and boos, in what might be the first true sartorial scandal of the Biden/Harris campaign. 

Kamala Harris Gave a Voice to American Women’s Silent Screams

On one side came the praise, heaped on by liberals who are already pushing hard for a Democrat victory in November. “THE TIMBS THO,” Meena Harris, Kamala’s niece wrote on Instagram. The nominee—or perhaps just her campaign—had turned her into a GIF.

Was it the shoe choice itself, or just Harris’ assured manner that sold the look so hard? Perhaps a mixture of both. That jaunty strut? A construction boot made popular by New York rappers? Mike Pence could never

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Covid-19 is sending 18-29 year olds back home to family

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When the coronavirus shuttered the hospitality industry in March, Chicago bartender Garrett Collins moved back home to Edmond, Oklahoma, where he now lives with his parents and grandmother.

“When I first moved in, I felt pretty guilty,” Collins, 27, said. “I felt like I was very lucky and privileged in a way to have the ability to move back in with my parents. I felt guilty that I didn’t lock onto some career path that had made me able to look after myself on my own,” he said. “When I moved back in, I had this kinda shame.”

52 percent of people, ages 18 to 29, are now living with their parents due to the pandemic.

Collins might feel better to know his experience is part of the new normal. Across the country, the coronavirus has sent millions of young adults back into childhood bedrooms, altering family dynamics, and changing

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Lululemon’s move towards ‘size inclusion’ draws mixed reviews online

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Lululemon announced it would be expanding sizes from 0-20 for six of the brand's core pieces. Images via Lululemon.
Lululemon announced it would be expanding sizes from 0-20 for six of the brand’s core pieces. Images via Lululemon.

In a bid towards size inclusion, Lululemon has announced that six of its core styles will now be offered in extended sizes, ranging from size 0-20. In a post to social media the brand called the decision “a start” on their journey towards inclusion and promised more extended size offerings would be launching “soon.”

“I really believe we have to be a brand that accepts all. When I heard people say that they couldn’t buy anything from Lululemon that was like being punched in the heart. And as a creative you don’t want that. You want our guests to leave feeling confident. Give them something that really functions for them in their life

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Love Holidays latest online travel agent to leave Abta

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Way out: Quarantine policies are changing quickly (Simon Calder)
Way out: Quarantine policies are changing quickly (Simon Calder)

Another leading online travel agent has quit Abta, the travel association, in a row over refunds for customers affected by government travel changes.

Love Holidays has followed On the Beach in resigning from the leading travel trade association.

Both are unhappy about Abta’s insistence on full refunds for package holidaymakers booked to destinations such as Portugal that are placed on the UK government’s no-go list.

A spokesperson for Love Holidays said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for holidaymakers, which have been exacerbated by frequent changes in travel guidance issued by the UK government.

“The current package travel legislation was never designed to deal with disruption on the scale we have seen since March 2020.

“Unfortunately, as a result of our divergent views on the legal position regarding cancellations and refunds, we have decided that it is no longer possible

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Trump appointee Michael Caputo takes leave of absence from HHS after online rant

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Michael Caputo, a top Trump administration communications official who in a private online social media video accused government scientists of “sedition” and called on the president’s supporters to arm themselves ahead of the election, announced in a statement Tuesday that he’s taking temporary medical leave from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Also leaving HHS is Caputo’s senior advisor, Dr. Paul Alexander. HHS confirmed the departures in a separate statement, noting that Caputo’s leave would last 60 days.

Caputo tells ABC News he will continue collecting a paycheck and health insurance from his HHS post while on leave.

The staff departures follow media reports that Caputo and Alexander had pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to alter scientific reports.

PHOTO: Former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo arrives at the Hart Senate Office building to be interviewed by Senate Intelligence Committee staffers, on May 1, 2018, in Washington.

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Semiconductors, Social Distancing & Scientific Stagnation

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Welcome to the Capital Note, a newsletter about business, finance and economics. On the menu today: semiconductors, social distancing & scientific stagnation.

Moore’s Law, according to which computing power doubles roughly every two years, has long been the backbone of technological innovation. Smartphones and lightweight laptops were made possible by the steady downsizing of microchips, and, more recently, computationally intensive artificial intelligence-algorithms have gained widespread use thanks to advances in computing power.

While Gordon Moore was referring to central processing units (CPUs), the growth in computing power over the past decade has been driven by graphics processing units (GPUs). Initially intended for graphics-intensive games, GPUs now have the processing power needed for a wide range of AI applications and have thus displaced older chip technologies.

Naturally, the two GPU producers — Nvidia and AMD — have profited handsomely.

Now, Nvidia has agreed to a $40 billion purchase of

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Biden goes viral after playing ‘Despacito’ at Florida campaign stop, as he tries to win Latino voters

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who is struggling to win over Latino voters, made his first campaign appearance in Florida on Tuesday, at the opening of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

But Biden’s address at the event is likely to be remembered more for its opening music number than the content of the speech after the former vice president pulled out his phone and played “Despacito,” a Spanish-language pop song, when he first took the stage. 

After being introduced by Luis Fonsi, the singer of the international hit, Biden said,  “I just have one thing to say,” before hitting play. 

“There you go, dance a little bit, Joe. Come on,” encouraged Fonsi.

Biden bobbed to the opening of the 2017 reggaeton sensation before switching it off and placing his phone back in his pocket. 

“I’ll tell you what, if I had the talent of any one of these people, I’d be elected

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Black, Hispanic and American Indian Children Make Up 78 Percent of All Youth Coronavirus Deaths

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Black, Hispanic and American Indian children are dying due to COVID-19 at a disproportionally higher rate than their white peers, a new Centers for Disease Control study found.

While children are significantly less likely than adults to die from COVID-19, minority youth represent 78 percent of current fatalities.

For this study, the CDC tracked all known pediatric COVID-19 cases and deaths in the U.S. for the first time and found that between February and July, there have been at least 391,814 cases and 121 deaths in people under 21 years old.

Of those 121 deaths, Black, Hispanic and American Indian children accounted for over three-quarters, despite making up just 41 percent of the U.S. population under 21. Hispanic children had the highest rate of death, at 44 percent, followed by Black children at 29 percent and 4 percent for both American Indian and Asian or Pacific Islander children. White children

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The SEC’s Chilling Effect on Crypto Development

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A slew of regulatory happenings are in the works. First, the Bahamian central bank plans to issue the first CBDC this October while the Indian legislative body is considering a ban on crypto trading. 

Further, the latest SEC injunction into an allegedly unregistered token sale could set a grave precedent, argues Commissioner Hester “Crypto Mom” Peirce.

Top shelf

CBDC first
The Central Bank of the Bahamas has confirmed it is moving ahead with the nationwide launch of its digital currency, called the “Sand Dollar,” sometime in October. Approximately $48,000 worth of the new central bank digital currency (CBDC) – pegged to the U.S. dollar-tracking Bahamian dollar (BSD) – will enter circulation initially with commitments to mint and remove BSDs as necessary. A mobile-based wallet app will also be rolled out. If it sticks to its October release, the Sand Dollar will likely become the first CBDC to launch anywhere in

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