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Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Make First Remarks As Historic Democratic Ticket

Joe Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris appeared together for the first time as a joint Democratic ticket Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware, with a clear general election message: President Donald Trump is a purveyor of crisis.

“America is crying out for leadership, yet we have a president who cares more about himself than the people who elected him,” Harris said after being introduced by Biden. “A president who is making every challenge we face even more difficult to solve.”

The event, held in a high school gymnasium, was only attended by press and staff, as well as Biden’s and Harris’ spouses, Dr. Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff, due to social distancing protocols during the pandemic. Speeches that would typically be met with big fanfare and applause were delivered in a silent room, and livestreamed to a virtual audience. Biden and Harris did not shake hands and for the most part

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Kamala Harris VP pick gets warm reaction in India

LONDON — Joe Biden’s decision to choose Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., as his running mate created a stir on Wednesday in countries around the world, particularly in India where Harris has family roots.

Harris, 55, has already made history as the first woman of color to be chosen as a major party’s vice-presidential candidate. If elected, she would become the nation’s first female, first Black and first Asian American vice president.

“I was extremely happy … to see a woman of color rise up the political ladder of arguably the world’s most powerful country, through sheer merit and determination,” Mugdha Pande, 28, a lawyer from New Delhi told NBC News. “Now that Ms. Harris has got the VP ticket, her popularity will only grow in India.”

Although Pande feels a sense of pride over Harris’ achievements, she said it was important to remember that Harris was American and that many

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A UK-based entrepreneur explains why he’s using his swimsuit brand to help save the elephants

Oliver Tomalin, a cofounder of swimwear line Love Brand.
Oliver Tomalin, a cofounder of swimwear line Love Brand.

Love Brand

  • Oliver Tomalin and his wife Rose are the founders of UK-based swimwear company Love Brand.

  • Love Brand prides itself on being rooted in environmentalism, creating products made with sustainable materials and donating a portion of its proceeds to elephant conservation.

  • In an interview with Business Insider, Tomalin talks about his entrepreneurial journey and his mission to raise awareness about the dwindling population of the world’s elephants. 

  • This is part of Business Insider’s “The Style Series,” highlighting fashion entrepreneurs around the world.

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Love Brand, a men’s swimwear line founded in 2010 by Oliver Tomalin, wants to save the elephants.

The brand’s mission is to help raise awareness about elephant conservation efforts; it also donates a portion of its revenues to charities and causes focused on preserving the elephant population. 

But the man behind

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Race Is a Parenting Issue, Which Makes It Fair to Talk About in Online Parenting Groups

Across America, the issue of racism has come to the forefront of discourse in many different formats. If you are a parent and have social media, chances are you might be a member of an online parent group or forum. As a member of a few groups myself, it has become apparent to me that many administrators are grappling with how to address the Black Lives Matter movement and antiracist rhetoric.

Some admins in the groups I’m in have characterized the issue as political, calling it a topic too controversial to be discussed on their pages. This begs the question whether racism is a parenting issue or a political one. Discussion about the former is, of course, allowed in parenting groups. Discussion regarding the latter is usually banned – but I don’t think it should be.

By framing racism as a political issue and discouraging parents from discussing it, I

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Biden, Harris make unusual campaign debut in virus era

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Joe Biden is making his first appearance with newly chosen running mate Kamala Harris on Wednesday, betting that the California senator’s historic profile and confrontational style against President Donald Trump will boost Democrats’ efforts to oust the Republican president amid cascading national crises.

The former primary rivals will appear at a high school in Biden’s Delaware hometown to discuss their shared vision for how to defeat Trump and then lead the country through a pandemic, its economic fallout and a long-simmering reckoning with racism. Harris and Biden then will sit down together for an online fundraiser designed to let small donors get a fresh glimpse of what the Democratic presidential ticket will look like together.

In a reflection of coronavirus guidelines, there will be no adoring throngs that would greet a new running mate in a routine campaign and certainly one with Harris’ historical significance. The

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The Capital Note: Currency Clash

Welcome to the Capital Note, a newsletter (coming soon) about finance and economics. On the menu today: Dollar Dominance, Euro Strength, and Japan’s Phillips Curve.

Dollar Dominance in Hong Kong

The dollar’s recent decline has led to predictions that the U.S. will lose its global currency hegemony. With Treasury yields at all-time lows and massive fiscal deficits increasing the risk of inflation, some commentators predict that international trade and finance will shift to other currencies, such as the euro, yen, and renminbi, at the expense of the greenback. Never mind that dollar depreciation is, as I pointed out in July, an intentional outcome of the Federal Reserve’s liquidity measures.

In times of economic weakness, a strong dollar tightens credit conditions, making it harder for firms and households to stay solvent. We should be relieved that policymakers succeeded in opening up the spigots of liquidity during an unprecedented global shutdown.

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The Trump campaign accidentally gave YouTube ad money to Chinese state media

trump russia china youtube ads
trump russia china youtube ads


  • The Trump campaign is unintentionally funding Chinese and Russian state media outlets by running YouTube ads on their channels, a new study found.

  • At least 22 Trump campaign ads ran on YouTube channels linked to the Chinese government this month alone, according to an analysis of thousands of YouTube videos by cybersecurity firm Omelas.

  • The findings come after the Trump administration cracked down on Chinese-owned media outlets earlier this year, imposing steeper requirements on how they operate in the US.

  • The Trump campaign said it didn’t intentionally target those YouTube channels. YouTube ads typically target specific types of viewers, rather than individual channels, but ad buyers can choose to opt out of showing ads on certain channels.

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President Donald Trump has made China a target of his campaign for reelection — but in an ironic twist, some

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Amazon descending onto malls is the logical next step: National Retail Federation chair

Donning his National Retail Federation chief hat for a second, Mike George says it would make sense that Amazon (AMZN) enters the mall by turning once occupied department stores into massive fulfillment centers.

“I think it is too early to speculate on that specific move, but it’s a wonderful reflection of this innovative industry,” George — whose full-time job is that of CEO of QVC/HSN owner Qurate Retail — told Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade.

But speculation has commenced in full force this week that Amazon will soon be the next generation mall’s primary anchor tenant.

Amazon is in talks with Simon Property Group — the biggest mall owner in the U.S. — to convert current or former Sears and J.C. Penney stores into monstrous distribution centers, The Wall Street Journal reports. Sources have told Yahoo Finance in recent months that Amazon has had teams on the ground at J.C.

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Savvy shopper shares easy way to save money while shopping online: ‘Lifesaver’

With retail stores either closed or at limited capacity, online shopping is the new normal. In fact, according to data compiled by Adobe Analytics, online sales increased 55 percent to $66.3 billion in July 2020 compared to a year prior.

If you’re one of the many people who spends their days in quarantine purchasing everything under the sun, it might please you (and your wallet) to learn that there is a Facebook feature that makes it easier than ever to find active promo codes for all your favorite brands.

On August 10, TikTok user slimeseason33 — who works in marketing — made a video detailing how to use the Facebook feature.

In her video, which has nearly 200,000 likes, slimeseason33 explains that all you have to do to find promo codes is search your favorite brand in the Facebook ad library. (Make sure you’ve clicked ‘Search All’ instead of ‘Issues,

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Back-to-School Shopping Tips for Home Schooling and At-Home Learning

The back-to-school shopping season is looking very different this year for both parents and retailers. As families brace themselves for several months of distance learning, parents are expected to spend more in different categories compared to last year.

According to the 2020 Back-to-School Survey from Deloitte, 51% of parents will spend more on internet-based learning resources, such as virtual tutors, subscriptions and e-learning platforms, as well as online classes. The survey also found that families are expected to dish out nearly $400 on average for computers and hardware, up 38% from last year, and an additional $316 on electronic gadgets and digital subscriptions.

No to mention that retailers throughout the country are shuttering doors of poorly performing store locations as they struggle to make up for lost sales. This will impact the number of sales offered during this back-to-school season.

“Struggling retailers and brands are determining they can’t afford to

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