Why Convenience Is Essential

Laveta Brigham

Our world moves pretty fast. In the midst of a pandemic, while life may have slowed down, businesses have had to pivot, fast. As a result, businesses are doing their best right now to cater to customers since virtually everyone’s needs have changed. Countless hours have been spent fine-tuning products and services to ensure this.

While there are many things you should do to make your business more customer-focused, few are more important than maximizing the convenience you can offer to consumers – especially right now.

Whether or not your offerings are truly convenient will go a long way in helping you better serve your customers. The easier it is for them to get needed information and complete a purchase with you, the happier they’ll be. In the long run, convenience may just decide your ability to grow your business.


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Couple start gourmet vinegar business | News

Laveta Brigham

On the edge describes how Greg and Becky Hunn have lived, taking on one challenge after another, so it seemed natural to include that life descriptor in the name of their new business.

After all, what could be more on the edge than retiring, then deciding to start a business, and doing it in the middle of a pandemic?

Greg Hunn waited excitedly for the state inspection of On The Edge Vinegar in Erie on Sept. 17, bringing to fruition an idea that came about four years ago as the couple pondered using their small vineyard of 1,200 vines to make their own products, rather than selling their grapes to Kansas wineries.

On The Edge grows Chambourcin, Golden Muscat, Sparta, Concord, Catawba, Melody, Chardonel, Traminette, Vignoles and St. Vincent, but the Hunns determined selling those grapes annually was proving difficult to coordinate for various reasons.

Four years ago, Becky Hunn’s

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Apple rolling out gender-neutral Santa Claus, other emojis

Laveta Brigham

A gender-neutral Santa Claus is coming to town.

In an apparent continuation of their digital-diversity campaign, Apple debuted the new Santa emoji with the iOS 14.2 beta release Wednesday, Emojipedia reports. The non-binary Saint Nick is part of a batch, approved by the Unicode Consortium, of 117 emoticons, many of which aim to make online discourse more inclusive.

The virtual Father Christmas will swap his signature beard for a clean-shaven, more androgynous look. The X-mas mascot’s makeover comes in the wake of a survey by logo creator GraphicSprings, which revealed that 19% of Americans believe that the big man in red should in fact be neither man nor woman.


However, some view Santa’s new identity as part of the so-called War on Christmas, alongside other battles like shaming people 

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Major conferences are shipping swag to your door as Covid-19 shuts down business events industry

Laveta Brigham

The media summit swag bag is likely a money-loser after factoring in shipping costs, Rosenbaum said, but there is hope it could drive more late interest and sales for the event. Recipients have been posting pictures of the swag bag on social media, he said, getting the event in front of more people.


Zoom and a host of other videoconferencing platforms have made it relatively easy to shift event programming online. But the events are competing for attention with Netflix, children, dinner and other distractions. Without the perks of letting people pass business cards and chat over pastries, virtual events are left asking a smaller audience to pay chopped-down ticket prices. Online conferences pull in about 13% of the revenues expected for in-person equivalents, according to a September report from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, a trade group. The same report projected that large business events are unlikely to

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MSMEs call out GST norms hindering move to online selling

Laveta Brigham

graphical user interface: MSMEs call out GST norms hindering move to online selling

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MSMEs call out GST norms hindering move to online selling


  • MSMEs have demanded GST compliance parity between offline and online sellers, claiming the new indirect tax regime is taxing for the firms switching over to online platforms
  • Post COVID, due to lockdowns and disruptions, smaller players and artisans are trying to sell their goods online
  • MSMEs’ demand assumes significance given that festive season is round the corner and customers are fast shifting to online in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic
  • The industry has pitched for a range of changes for online sellers from registration to composition scheme to tax collected at source (TCS)

Terming the GST compliance burden as taxing for micro, small and medium enterprises making shift to online selling platform, industry players have urged the government to ease the rules.

They have claimed that regulations prescribed in the GST Act for businesses

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How to make the most of online school with young children

Laveta Brigham

Another day in Zoom school, another meltdown and another reminder of what parents already know: Online school is especially challenging for younger students. There’s a reason children from kindergarten through third grade spent much of their pre-pandemic school days moving around and learning through play, not sitting still and staring at at a screen.

Many school districts are prioritizing younger elementary school students for reopenings, as studies show that younger children may be less vulnerable to the coronavirus.

But what if you’re in a school district that’s not reopening anytime soon? What if your child is immunocompromised? Or what if you are reluctant to return to in-person learning in the middle of a pandemic when there are so many “what ifs”?

Then you have to make the most of distance learning.

Many tips for how to best manage distance learning — including creating a designated space for school, maintaining

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Here’s How Harvard Business School Plans to Advance Racial Equality

Laveta Brigham

In an effort to promote racial equality, Harvard Business School said it would boost its enrollment of Black students in future classes, hire a chief diversity officer and recruit more Black faculty and staff. The school plans to build more issues of race and diversity into its case-study method of teaching and make conversations about race a higher priority in its curriculum, it said last week.

1. The school recently acknowledged past missteps involving race.

In June, following the national outcry stemming from George Floyd’s death while in police custody, Nitin Nohria, dean of the school, wrote a letter that said past efforts to recruit Black students to Harvard were insufficient. “I apologize that we have not fought racism as effectively as we could have,” he wrote.

2. The number of Black M.B.A. students at the school has stagnated.

For three decades the number of Black students on

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Nordstrom will stop selling real fur, exotic animal skins in ‘natural next step’

Laveta Brigham

Nordstrom is about to make a landmark change.

In partnership with the Humane Society, the luxe department store will ban real fur and exotic animal skins from its online shop as well as its brick and mortar stores, starting at the end of 2021, CNN Business reported Tuesday.

The policy will apply to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Last Chance, and all of Nordstrom’s e-commerce sites and will make the retailer the first based in the U.S. to ban exotic animal skins, according to Humane Society of the United States President and CEO Kitty Block.

Nordstrom’s chief merchandising officer Teri Bariquit says the company’s private labels stopped selling products with fur and exotic animal skins years ago.

For those brands Nordstrom sells, which would be affected by the new ban, the department store suggests “those brand partners to re-evaluate their use of fur and exotic animal skins,” a company spokesperson told CNN

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How To Look After Your Physical And Mental Health

Laveta Brigham

Staying physically and mentally fit is essential for all small business owners, none more so than today as the pandemic continues. With small and, micro-business owners often working alone, paying attention to the warning signs their health could be deteriorating is vital.

As a small or micro business owner, your fitness is of paramount importance. It’s a simple equation: If you can’t work, your business isn’t profitable. As the pandemic has changed perhaps forever how companies operate, what does this mean for the mental and physical health of all small business owners?

I have been running my business for the past three decades. During that time, mental and physical health has played a massive role in the success of my company. As a business of one, I have had to rely upon

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Read our review now it’s back in stock

Laveta Brigham

After her last eyeshadow collaboration ended in controversy in 2016, does the new launch live up to expectations? We find out (Beauty Bay/NikkieTutorials)
After her last eyeshadow collaboration ended in controversy in 2016, does the new launch live up to expectations? We find out (Beauty Bay/NikkieTutorials)

Bright and bold make-up lovers, rejoice. Dutch make-up artist and beauty YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, has launched an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with online beauty retailer, Beauty Bay.

The latest product has been a long time coming for the YouTube star. After her last eyeshadow palette launch in collaboration with Too Faced was met with controversy back in 2016, the make-up artist avoided working with another brand on an eyeshadow product – until now.

When revealing her new limited edition collaboration with Beauty Bay in a YouTube video, de Jager admitted that her earlier partnership with Too Faced “almost ended her career” after the brand allegedly changed the quality of the palette they worked on together without informing her, which led to fans

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