Will COVID-19 make gyms extinct? Worries mount for health clubs

Laveta Brigham

I hated to do it, but I recently canceled my membership at a health club I’ve belonged to for a decade.

I’m sticking with outdoor exercise, YouTube classes and a home gym for now — a personal decision partly based on advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to limit indoor group training sessions.

Experts say people who are breathing heavily are likely expelling more respiratory droplets — the main way infected people spread the coronavirus — so it’s extra important to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Fitness buffs worried about it all have plenty of in-home options, adding to the stress of gyms trying to stay afloat after the national shutdown this spring.

The fitness industry has been “absolutely devastated” by COVID-19, said Meredith Poppler, vice president of communications at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, a trade group that represents fitness facilities.


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How to make enough money to retire in the next 5 years

Laveta Brigham

I’ve worked in finance and spent years learning about assets — particularly digital assets. People ask me via social media how I made enough money to face retirement in the next five years.

They seem to think I have many secrets about how to make enough money to retire that can change their life. Here’s how I did it.

1. Invest your money rather than save.

Saving your money is stupid. Inflation will eat away at your money. You make money when you invest what you have in real assets.

2. Understand the idea of purchasing power.

Governments print money to fight recessions and fund wars. When they do, they take away the purchasing power of the money you have earned. The only way to repay the huge debt the US Government has racked up is by either: 1) Raising taxes 2) Printing money out of thin air.

Increasing taxes

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save money on Wahoo’s range of cycling computers, turbo trainers and accessories

Laveta Brigham

Wahoo has its roots in a simple ANT+ dongle, which allowed founder and current CEO, Chip Hawkins, to pair external sensors to his smartphone so it could be used as a head unit replacement. 

This problem-solving ethos is what the Atlanta, Georgia-based technology outfit has built its brand upon – and is now producing everything from dual-band sensors to one of the best smart bikes. 

The key to all of Wahoo’s gear is that it’s easy to use and reliable. The head units are intuitive and offer best in class app integration, and the wheel-on, direct-drive smart trainers smart bike are universally compatible with indoor cycling apps, including The Sufferfest which Wahoo acquired in July 2019.

Now $1,199.99
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Could Your Medical Bills Make You Sick?

Laveta Brigham

Devin Barrington-Ward was doubled over with stomach pain. His chest hurt, too. Though his family urged him to call an ambulance and he was terrified that his condition was serious, Barrington-Ward had another concern on his mind: the expense. Uninsured, he knew he couldn’t afford the ambulance ride.

So his mother raced him to a hospital near his home in suburban Atlanta that day in January earlier this year. After several hours in the emergency room, where he saw numerous physicians and got a CT scan and other tests, Barrington-Ward was diagnosed with colitis. Not long after came the bill: almost $10,000. Though his health is better today, he says he’s still saddled with debt, and the side effects of that are significant.

I want to have a family and own a home.

Uninsured and facing almost $10,000 in ER bills, he had to reorder priorities.


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How to choose an online course: 5 factors to consider

Laveta Brigham

a person sitting at a table using a laptop computer: How to choose an online course: 5 factors to consider

How to choose an online course: 5 factors to consider

Online courses are flexible, affordable, convenient and come in a variety of options. Online learning websites and online courses have seen a huge boost during the Covid-19 pandemic since schools and workplaces have been shut down.

Looking at the speed at which online education has evolved in the last eight months, it seems to be advantageous for both traditional and nontraditional learners. These drastically enhance their academic skills by providing them an opportunity to learn more about their existing subjects and expand their skillsets simultaneously.

But, here’s the deal — in order to make the most of an online education course, there are certain factors that a learner must keep in mind.

Here are 5 factors you should consider when choosing an online course:

1. Choose your topic wisely

The most widely recognized factor when choosing an online course is

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Barclays online banking down – customers left unable to view and process payments

Laveta Brigham

Barclays customers have been left unable to make payments or check their balances due to an online banking outage.

The bank said that “a small number” of customers have been affected by a technical error – with the lender’s mobile app and online services still down at midday on Monday.

Twitter users started reporting problems at around 9.50am, saying that they were unable to access their accounts.

“Barclays your online banking is down on pay day. What on earth is going on. Can’t call you either as lines not working. Shocking service,” one user wrote online.

Another said: “Hey Barclays your online banking has been down for the last 24 hours.. trying to pay some outstanding bills.”

Meanwhile, Down Detector – which collates information on major outages – said there were reports of an outage at around 9.44am.

Barclays said: “A small number of our customers

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Several universities investigated over Covid-19 disruption amid growing calls for refunds

Laveta Brigham

Professor Malcolm Press, the university’s vice chancellor, said that a “significant amount of money” would be released to compensate students affected by restrictions, on top of a care package that includes “basic food”. 

Exeter University also urged students to stop mixing with anyone outside of their household for a fortnight, except for study, work, organised sport or in an emergency.

Boris Johnson is now being urged to make online teaching the default position across the sector, while Labour has urged the Government to consider postponing the academic year for universities that have not yet reopened.

Today the party will demand that Education Secretary Gavin Williamson guarantee that no student will be forced to stay at university over Christmas and that teaching standards will not be compromised.

Separately, the University College Union wrote to Mr Johnson warning that many universities were refusing to move online because the Government had refused to

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Can I get a refund on my university fees because of Covid-19 disruptions?

Laveta Brigham

Thousands of students are demanding refunds of tuition fees, fearing coronavirus will ruin their university experiences. 

Many are disappointed by the online-only teaching on offer, arguing they are getting bad value for money, while more than 3,000 are currently trapped in their halls under lockdowns.

Almost 200,000 people have signed an online petition to refund tuition fees for 2020/21 due to Covid-19. 

It is possible to win back money from your university if you feel you haven’t got value for money. Here, we illustrate how to claim a refund from your institution.

How to get a refund on your tuition fees

According to website Save The Student, 1,635 students made complaints about their university in 2017 and received a total of £650,000 in compensation. Reasons ranged from changes to course content to poor teaching. 

Students should first speak to their university to see if they can resolve their issue through

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‘I Want To Make It Simple For Women To Invest Their Money,’ Priti Rathi Gupta Spells Out Her Life Mission

Laveta Brigham

“The deep rooted orientation that ‘men manage money much better’ has created a huge barrier in the minds of women that this is so complicated that only a male brain can decipher it,” says Priti Rathi Gupta, Managing Director and Promoter at AnandRathi Group. “Add to this years of conditioning that what really matters is earning your money and very little stress on how managing your money and investing is the only path to wealth creation, made it unattractive life skill for women.”

Married at an early age of 19, Priti she says she was inspired by her siblings, who are both CAs, to finish her education. She returned to her books to get a bachelor’s degree and went on to get an executive education from Harvard Business School. After joining the family-led business, she made her life’s mission to educate women about investing. To that effect,  she

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How to Make Smart Bets in Business

Laveta Brigham


3 Stocks Flashing Signs of Strong Insider Buying

If you really want to know which stocks the experts – and those in the know – are buying, pay attention to what they’re doing. Stock reports, company reviews, and press statements are helpful, but you’ll get significant information from watching what the insiders are up to.The insiders – the corporate officers and board members – have to disclose when they snap up shares to prevent any unfair advantages. Tracking their stock purchases can be a useful strategy because if an insider spends their own money on a stock, it could signal that they believe big gains are in store.So, investors looking for stocks that may be flying ‘under the radar,’ but with potential to climb fast, watching for insider purchases identify some sweet market plays. To make that search easier, the TipRanks Insiders’ Hot Stocks tool gets the footwork started

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