Customer Relations Management Gains New Relevance in Pandemic Era

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PARIS — Social distancing may be the new norm, but so, too, is getting up close and personal. While shopkeepers diligently apply bright, new floor markings to regulate store traffic, brands are also busy working behind the scenes to forge deeper, more personal ties with clients.

Customer relationship management has emerged as a key element to pandemic-era strategies as brands and retailers across the spectrum seek to steer their businesses through choppy trading conditions.

“What we are sure of is this crisis will end at some point, and it’s important that the brands actually get out of this tunnel in good shape — in good enough shape at least with their customer assets — the relationship assets — so that if they have cash to restart the engine, they can do that in the best possible way,” said Marc-André Kamel, partner and director

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15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life

15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life
15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life

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I cannot be the only person who’s been online shopping solely based on cute pieces I’ve seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Mabel and Sabel have really been churning out a lot of lewks throughout the game, but the question arose as I was playing: Would I be able to find the pieces I loved watching my character putter around her various flower beds in in real life? The answer was mostly yes, much to my personal satisfaction and my wallet’s dismay. Here are a few of the best clothing items and outfits in Animal Crossing and where to find them in real life.

1. The tulip (bucket) hat of your dreams

Even if your head isn't oversized this hat will be cute.
Even if your head isn’t oversized this hat
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Now Is the Time to Embrace Bold Messaging, Branding Experts Say

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After experiencing a drop in sales earlier this year, footwear companies are trying to capitalize on the new wave of shoppers returning to stores, both online and in store. To do so, businesses need to connect with consumers who are expecting different things from the brands they shop at – making brand communications a critical tool for retail success.

“First, you need to understand who your is brand talking to and what do they care about,” said Heather DeMonte, brand strategist + storyteller at brand creative agency Klique. “This seems so basic but many brands miss the mark and make themselves the hero of their own story instead of their customers. Truly understanding how your apparel satisfies an emotional need for customers is essential.”

Recent studies have shown that consumers are valuing authenticity and transparency right now, as well as favoring brands that

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Phony COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Scammer Ordered To Repay Victims

SEATTLE, WA — A Redmond resident who sold a phony COVID-19 vaccine will be paying up for the scam, including a payment of up to $12,000 to refund his victims.

In April, Washington Attorney General sent a warning letter to Johnny Stine, owner of North Coast Biologics, after learning that his company was selling a fake coronavirus vaccine for $400. No such vaccine exists: while there are many in early stages in clinical tries, none have been approved for widespread use.

After Stine failed to heed the cease and desist, Ferguson filed a lawsuit last week, and as a result won a legally binding agreement that will repay Stine’s victims. Under the consent decree, Stine will pay $8,500 to the state for the cost of the case, and will have to refund all of the patients his company sold the fake vaccine. The Attorney General’s Office is now reaching out

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Carnival Extends Shutdown Through Sept. 30 Over Coronavirus

MIAMI, FL — Carnival Cruise Line said Monday it is extending its coronavirus shutdown for North American cruises through Sept. 30, but the Miami-based company did not yet announce a new target date to resume service.

“During this unprecedented pause in our business, we have continued to assess the operating environment and confer with public health, government and industry officials,” Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy said in a letter to passengers who booked cruises and travel agents.

Industry trade group Cruise Lines International Association announced Friday that all cruise lines at American ports had voluntarily extended the suspension of cruises until Sept. 15 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“We have watched with great interest as commerce, travel and personal activities have begun to start back up, and once we do resume

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Building Family Wealth Values in the ‘New Normal’

Throughout the current lockdown, families have shown up for each other—lending strength when needed and hope or laughter when situations are bleak. Above all, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles have stepped in and become teachers for one another.  

Research shows that between the ages of five and eight, we are at our most impressionable. This is the time when a child’s value system is formed—and typically is when children spend the majority of their days in-person at school. However, due to our current homebound status, we as parents and leaders of the family have been given a rare chance to play a larger role in education. We are now, in many cases, the sole provider of social and economic lessons for our children.

As we navigate the realities of economic inequity, systemic injustices and mental well-being, it is important to involve the whole family in these conversations. Life is complicated

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Thousands of community college students withdraw after a lost semester amid coronavirus

Stevie Carpenter, a graduate of L.A. City College, stands in front of the closed campus. Carpenter is planning to transfer to UC Davis this fall, but his withdrawal from an online class could put those plans in jeopardy. <span class="copyright">(Gabriella Angotti-Jones/Los Angeles Times)</span>
Stevie Carpenter, a graduate of L.A. City College, stands in front of the closed campus. Carpenter is planning to transfer to UC Davis this fall, but his withdrawal from an online class could put those plans in jeopardy. (Gabriella Angotti-Jones/Los Angeles Times)

Stevie Carpenter dropped out of high school, earned his GED, enrolled at L.A. City College and at age 25 has been accepted to attend UC Davis this fall, where he plans to study neurobiology.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown another major challenge at him: online classes. Carpenter couldn’t keep up with general chemistry, a requirement for his major.

“I couldn’t take chemistry without a teacher…. It’s difficult to just read a book and go off the examples,” he said.

Instead, he received an “excused” withdrawal, jeopardizing his admission to UC Davis and threatening his plans to become the first in his family of 10 children to attend

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Can’t Make It to Italy? Il Pellicano’s New Online Shop Brings La Dolce Vita to You

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A crown jewel of bohemian glamour since 1965, Hotel Il Pellicano is the Italian hideaway that bygone-era dreams are made of. Creative director and architect Marie-Louise Scio is responsible for keeping the dream alive, overseeing every detail of her parents’ legendary property on the Tuscan coast as well as Mezzatorre Hotel in Ischia, La Posta Vecchia Hotel in Lazio and a score of design projects. Her latest creation is Issimo, an e-commerce platform that brings a bit of the Tyhrrenian breeze to your own home.

Scio’s wanderlust-worthy world of style, food and travel features an eclectic selection of everything from the best pasta to porcelain, tiles, sweaters and scarves. Paired with editorial features and guides to the good life, its enough to make every Italophile swoon. Just like Pellicano Hotels, Issimo is where youll find Italys

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How the L.A. apparel industry became mask makers

Abdul Rashid Dadabhoy knew he had a critical problem when Orange County supervisors shut down all nonessential businesses on March 17 in response to the coronavirus, forcing him to halt production at AST Sportswear, one of the nation’s biggest makers of T-shirts.

But he also had a nearly instantaneous solution.

After hearing of the critical shortage of face masks, Dadabhoy sat down with his three brothers the next morning and prototyped a cotton version, which workers at the company’s vertically integrated Brea factory churned out 1,200 pieces of the next day. The company has made more than 10 million masks since.

“We kept doing that and we are still doing that,” said Dadabhoy, chief operating officer of the family-owned business, which prides itself on its “Made in the USA” label and ability to fill orders faster than its overseas competition.

Indeed, demand isn’t expected to wane anytime soon, especially now

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how artists in the Spanish-speaking world turn to religious imagery to help cope in a crisis

<span class="caption">The Virgin Crown: appeared on a wall in Madrid on March 13, the day before Spain went into lockdown.</span> <span class="attribution"><span class="source">Ernesto Muñiz</span></span>
The Virgin Crown: appeared on a wall in Madrid on March 13, the day before Spain went into lockdown. Ernesto Muñiz

While millions of people across Europe and beyond have been forced into lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, some artists have used their time in isolation to create work using religious imagery as a way to tell the story of the crisis. On the streets of Madrid, graffiti artist Ernesto Muñiz reimagined the imagery related to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as a means of interpreting the current situation.

The Virgin’s heart becomes a rendering of the virus, the cause of the world’s suffering. The Virgin herself is wearing a gas mask, yet her sorrowful eyes, pose and garments are all instantly recognisable. This image of the Virgin seems to suggest that we should place our trust in science, wear our masks and the suffering will pass.

She is no

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