Jeffree Star is staying quiet while Shane Dawson’s career lies in tatters. Here’s why celebrities like him seem uncancelable.

Will Jeffree Star actually be canceled this time?
Will Jeffree Star actually be canceled this time?

Jeffree Star / YouTube

  • Karmageddon is currently tearing its way through YouTube’s beauty community, with Tati Westbrook claiming Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson manipulated her into almost destroying James Charles’ career in May 2019.

  • But while Dawson is currently experiencing a catastrophic fall from grace, Star is nowhere to be seen.

  • Some celebrities seem to be able to brush off criticism and backlash whenever it comes their way, either by staying quiet, or continuing as normal.

  • According to experts, this is down to the brand they have built themselves, what the audience expects from them, and relentlessly fierce fanbases.

  • When someone has a supervillain persona, they are more likely to get away with bad behavior. It’s the ones who set themselves higher standards who get “canceled.”

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Shane Dawson’s reputation is currently hanging in the balance. He’s

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California nursing homes got insider access to Newsom’s health care regulators. Here’s how

On April 9, California nursing homes were already in a state of crisis. Employees were staying home, fearing for their safety without proper protection. Facilities reported deaths daily.

At 12:30 p.m. that day, the chief advocate for California’s nursing home industry dispatched an email to officials at the California Department of Public Health. The email listed seven urgent concerns facing nursing homes, including child care and housing for workers.

The most detailed priority on the list: “The continuing bleed of $$$ to respond to COVID.”

“We’ve been working … on getting rate increases but making that happen sooner than later will help,” the industry advocate wrote.

Increased protective equipment for staff members and testing were the final items on the list.

Those priorities came from Craig Cornett, the CEO of the California Association of Health Facilities, an industry group representing 80 percent of the nursing homes in the state.


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Just 8% of colleges are keeping classes online this fall, but more may join them as coronavirus outbreaks surge. Here’s the list so far.

A graduate gets ready to pose for a picture at the empty campus of San Diego State University, after the California State University system announced the fall 2020 semester will be online, May 13, 2020.
A graduate gets ready to pose for a picture at the empty campus of San Diego State University, after the California State University system announced the fall 2020 semester will be online, May 13, 2020.

Mike Blake/Reuters

After a semester of remote courses and online graduations, some colleges and universities are deciding not to return for in-person classes this fall.

California State University, the largest four-year public university system in the US, has cancelled in-person classes for the fall semester at all 23 of its campuses. Instead, classes will take place almost exclusively online, Chancellor Timothy White announced in May.

“Our university, when open without restrictions and fully in person… is a place where over 500,000 people come together in close and vibrant proximity,” White said at the meeting, according to the Los Angeles Times. “That approach sadly just isn’t in the cards now.”

Six of Harvard’s graduate and professional

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We signed up for Parler. Here’s what you’ll find on the right’s latest social media platform

Credit: Parler
Credit: Parler

A right-wing exodus from Twitter and Facebook following accusations of conservative censorship spiked a surge in downloads and new user accounts on Parler, which has branded itself “the free speech social network”.

Far-right figures banned from other platforms have found a new home on the app, where right-leaning or far-right users ridicule so-called “autonomous zones” and “safe spaces” while simultaneously revelling in their own.

Founded in 2018, Parler — describing itself as “unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement” that allows “free expression without violence and no censorship” — has become an echo chamber of support for Donald Trump, whose campaign dominates a platform where conservative media personalities and outlets amplify his agenda.

The president is not on the app (yet), but his son Eric Trump and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany are, along with his Republican allies like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Matt

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Taxes and IRA Contributions Are Almost Due. Here’s What You Need to Know

Tax day is rapidly approaching, and if you haven’t filed it’s time to start working on it.

Yes, you read that right. Tax day this year is July 15. That also means you have until that date to make a prior-year contribution to some retirement funds, and possibly get a tax writeoff.

Tax Deadline Extended

While the income tax payment and filing deadline as well as the related Individual Retirement Account (IRA) contribution deadline are normally on April 15, this year that date was extended 90 days due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The new date to file your 2019 federal taxes is July 15, 2020. The date for making your 2019 IRA contributions was also extended to that date.

Some states also extended their filing deadline to match the federal filing deadline.

State Tax Information for Military Members and Retirees

If you can’t pay your 2019 taxes by the new

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If you don’t get more stimulus checks this summer from Uncle Sam, here’s how the stock market may react

With cities across major states such as California, Florida and Texas returning to some form of lockdown due to spiking COVID-19 cases after brief full re-openings, it’s becoming clear the U.S. economy will likely need a fresh jolt of stimulus from lawmakers.

If that stimulus isn’t received this summer the stock market — which has been blindly rallying despite growing risks of a renewed dive in economic activity because of COVID-19 —could easily fall off a cliff.

“It will be a hit, no question,” warned Belpointe Asset Management chief strategist David Nelson on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade of the risk to stocks if more stimulus isn’t enacted. Other pros Yahoo Finance has chatted up estimate the stock market could plunge nearly 20% if lawmakers don’t enact additional stimulus.

Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, individuals were eligible for up to $1,200 (depending on income level)

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As America faces racial reckoning, I’m checking my white privilege, and here’s why you should too

Emily Volz is a psychology graduate student at Pacifica Graduate Institute specializing in Community, Liberation, Indigenous, and Eco Psychologies. Here, in a personal essay below, Volz shares how the racial awakening and protests across the country have made her check her privilege and how an intervention is necessary within white America.

My family owns a building in downtown Seattle. On May 31, I woke up to images of the building in a Seattle Times article. The images show shattered windows, mannequins toppled and goods scattered.

One photo shows several police officers walking out of the building, a symbolic image of the structural causes of the destruction.

I spoke with my mom that afternoon. “I’m not mad,” she told me.

MORE: After racist park encounter, Chris Cooper takes us birding in Central Park

Losing windows is nothing compared to losing Black lives. Every single death is a loss to our nation,

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Is it worth it to bundle flights and hotels? Here’s what to know as you start traveling again

The coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented need for consumers to cancel travel plans. Many travelers have encountered frustration changing arrangements, canceling trips and obtaining refunds.

Some consumers prefer to handle each part of their travel on a piecemeal basis.  But if you end up having to cancel or make changes, it can be a hassle to contact every hospitality company individually.

For other travelers, a vacation package tidies up the process and creates a single-point contact but their policies may be restrictive regarding cancellation and refunds.

We’ve consulted with travel experts who share the pros and cons of bundling arrangements for your next trip:

The argument for bundling

Cost can be lower: When flights and hotels are booked together, travelers can achieve better prices. “From purely a financial perspective, a bundled vacation package can help you to secure the best prices and keep costs down,” says Matt Woodley, founder of

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Here’s When Companies In America Are Planning To Reopen Their Offices

One-third of companies say they will allow employees to work from home through the rest of 2020, according to a SHRM survey. (Photo: Masafumi Nakanishi via Getty Images)
One-third of companies say they will allow employees to work from home through the rest of 2020, according to a SHRM survey. (Photo: Masafumi Nakanishi via Getty Images)

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the office routines of millions of Americans, and many office workers don’t yet know when they will return to their buildings.

The answer to “When do I need to report back to the office?” is significant, because it can dramatically change a person’s plans. Knowing when you need to go back to an office impacts commuting, childcare duties, budget and even housing or moving plans. 

Forty-five percent of organizations have not announced a date employees will return to worksites, according to a May survey of more than 1,000 members of the Society of Human Resource Management. 

When employees have been given a timeline for returning to work, answers vary on what that ideal time should be. Of companies

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$600 bonus unemployment benefits end soon. Here’s how to prepare

Another 1.5 million Americans filed jobless claims last week to receive unemployment benefits, and the payments are currently going to about 19.5 million people, the government reported Thursday.

A weekly benefit boost has made unemployment a little easier for those who lost their jobs to the coronavirus, but soon they’ll have to survive without the bonus money.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act — the CARES Act that also brought you those stimulus checks — provides an extra $600 per week of unemployment through July 31. Lawmakers haven’t committed to an extension.

Standard unemployment payouts vary from state to state, and depending on where you live you may have trouble making ends meet on regular benefits alone.

Here are nine things you can do to prepare to cope with a smaller weekly payout.

Pad your emergency fund while you still can

Vitalii Vodolazskyi / Shutterstock

While you

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