Two astronauts are preparing to return Earth aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship. Watch their fiery homecoming live online via NASA TV.

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are the first humans SpaceX rocketed into orbit.
NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are the first humans SpaceX rocketed into orbit.

SpaceX; NASA; Business Insider

  • SpaceX’s Crew Dragon became the first crewed, commercially developed spaceship to dock at the International Space Station in May.

  • This weekend, the ship and its astronauts — Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley — are set to return to Earth.

  • Their historic flight includes a planned undocking on Saturday and a scorching, speedy fall through our atmosphere on Sunday, and you can watch the journey live on NASA TV below.

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Despite the threat of Hurricane Isaias strafing coastal Florida with brutal weather, NASA and SpaceX are “go” to return the first commercial astronauts to planet Earth this weekend.

SpaceX made history in May when it became the first company to launch a crewed spaceship to the International Space Station. In doing so, Elon Musk’s rocket

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How to survive if you live in a banking ‘desert’

Bank branches are drying up across the United States, leaving millions of Americans stranded.

In just five years, the number of brick-and-mortar branches nationwide dropped by 7%, a 2019 report by the Federal Reserve warned. With about 6,800 fewer branches to rely on, more and more people are now stuck in areas with few or no physical banks close by.

Many of these “bank deserts” are located in rural or low-income areas. Some U.S. residents have to travel more than 10 or even 30 miles to access traditional services. Others turn to banking alternatives that charge outrageous fees.

If you’re an unwilling desert dweller, you shouldn’t bury your head in the sand. You can access all kinds of banking services online if you know where to look, meaning you’re just a few steps away from solid ground.

1. Steer clear of false friends

EHStockphoto / Shutterstock

If you don’t

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Could live stream shopping change online retail for good?

Merchants selling their products speak inside a live stream booth during Alibaba's annual Singles' Day online shopping event - Qilai Shen /Bloomberg
Merchants selling their products speak inside a live stream booth during Alibaba’s annual Singles’ Day online shopping event – Qilai Shen /Bloomberg

The shopping channel as formula has been largely unaltered since it emerged in the heady consumerism of Eighties America, hooking in thousands of viewers desperate for everything from a new fridge to a necklace.

Legions of smiling salesmen extolling the virtues of hoovers, ovens and hairdriers on the likes of QVC might feel like a throwback, but they have long proved immune to the sweeping changes wrought elsewhere by the internet age.

Now, however, the digital world is finally catching up.

Live shopping, as it is known, allows for browsers to view a far wider variety of wares through streaming.

“Think of it as a reimagination of QVC,” early adopter David Feng said during a live TV interview on Bloomberg two years ago. In 2019, Feng’s live shopping

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Herbalife, Live Nation Entertainment, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL – July 23, 2020 – Zacks Equity Research Shares of Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. HLF as the Bull of the Day, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. LYV asthe Bear of the Day. In addition, Zacks Equity Research provides analysis onFacebook, Inc. FB, Microsoft Corporation MSFT and, Inc. AMZN

Here is a synopsis of all five stocks:

Bull of the Day:

Today’s Bull of the Day and the Bear of the Day share a common theme. They’ve both been disproportionately affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 and their recent reversals of fortune have caused me to completely change my mind about both of them.

I’ve never been a fan of the “multi-level-marketing” (MLM) sales model. Admittedly, that’s as much because of my personal distaste for the practice of hectoring your friends and relatives to buy products as my belief that the bottom-heavy structure encourages exaggerated boom-and-bust

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Harford Co. Youth Livestock Show, Sale On Pace To Be Held Live

BEL AIR, MD – The ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have led to the cancellation of the annual Harford County Farm Fair, organizers knew how much the event – and specifically the livestock show and sale – means to the area’s young people.

So while the show won’t go on for the farm fair, youth who have invested their time and finances to preparing cows, pigs, goats and sheep over the past year, will still have the opportunity to make the most of their investment.

Event officials announced earlier this year that that the Harford County Livestock Show and Sale will take place at the county Equestrian Center in Bel Air between July 29-August 1. An in-person livestock judging will take place over three days before the sale will take place on Aug. 1. While the event won’t have any affiliation to either 4-H or to the county Farm Fair, the

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‘Live PD’ Edited Footage After Cops Worried They Looked Bad, Records Show


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As police work goes, the call about a suspected shoplifter was mundane.

The wrinkle? A crew for the popular A&E show Live PD was filming from inside the squad car dispatched to the scene.

Lights and sirens blare on the video footage as the Warwick, Rhode Island, police officer drives to the shopping strip. Soon, he finds the suspect: A man skateboarding out of a supermarket, pushing a full cart.

“I’m out with him,” the officer says. He revs the car’s engine. It lurches forward, swerving behind the man. Then there’s the ding of a door opening and a loud thump—the officer appears to whack the skateboarder with the open door of his cruiser. 

But the show’s millions of viewers never saw the

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Guy Fieri Says He Doesn’t *Actually* Live Off Of Fried Cheeseburgers And Corndogs

Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC – Getty Images

From Delish

If you’re a fan of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (and let’s be real, we all are!) you might already know that Guy Fieri has a dream job. He gets to travel the country finding the best food—much of which is fried and covered in cheese—and talk to the amazing people who make it all. But it might surprise you to know that Guy doesn’t always eat like that. In a recent interview, the chef and host shared his favorite grub to eat…and his favorite part about filming Triple D.

Guy recently told CBS News that though people think he solely eats foods like “fried cheeseburger, hotdog, corndog, pretzels covered in cheese” he actually mostly lives on healthier fare like veggies and farro and was influenced by his “hippie” upbringing.

“Veggies are my game. Love salad. Love spaghetti squash. Love all the whole

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Tips To Live Comfortably on a Budget

If you’re earning the minimum wage, you might not consider it a living wage. After all, it can be hard to cover the cost of living in many places if you’re only paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. But you don’t have to resign yourself to living a bare-bones existence if your wages are low — it’s possible to live comfortably on minimum wage and enjoy it, too.

Last updated: Oct. 18, 2019

Create a Budget That Prioritizes Needs

If your income is limited, make sure it covers your needs first. “Food, shelter, clothing and utilities are needs,” said Donna Freedman, author of “Your Playbook For Tough Times. “The rest is just a series of wants.”

Creating a budget can help. List the expenses you have to pay to survive. Add them up, and then subtract them from your income. If there’s not much left over, you

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London’s Digital Showcase Underlines Importance of the Live Runway

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LONDON — Blindsided by COVID-19 — which closed their stores, shut their factories and forced them to stay at home — British designers took a great leap into the unknown, piecing together collections, films, exhibitions and creative projects for London’s first, all-digital fashion week instead of showing their wares on the runway, a familiar — if flawed — format.

In late March, as London locked down, the British Fashion Council snapped into action and started organizing the three-day event in a bid to give designers — who had been cheated of their fashion week, showroom appointments and spring 2020 retail sales as a result of the coronavirus — the chance to strut their creative stuff.

Even if those designers couldn’t show new clothes, the BFC wanted to give them the opportunity to engage with end consumers whom they need right now to shop.

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