Estate Planning Tips to Keep Your Money in the Family

Laveta Brigham

If you’re single and die in 2020, you can have up to $11.58 million in assets before your heirs have to worry about paying a penny in estate taxes.

Knowing that, you might assume only the super wealthy need to worry about estate planning. However, financial planners say you’d be wrong to think planning is only necessary for the 1%.

“Estate taxes are only part of it,” says Jeff Bush, president of Informed Family Financial Services in Norristown, Pennsylvania. “Often, there are income tax ramifications.”

Heirs may be responsible for paying federal income taxes on retirement accounts, and some states have their own estate taxes as well. Plus, “(You) want to make sure (your) stuff goes to the right people,” says Patrick Simasko, elder law attorney and wealth preservation specialist at Simasko Law in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Meeting with an accountant and an estate attorney is the best way to

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After the Pandemic: Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap (Tuesday 9/29/20)

Laveta Brigham

The stock market is a forecasting machine, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money audience on Tuesday night. The market is focused on the future, not the past, and therefore is trying to figure out which companies will be successful once the coronavirus has passed. 

Cramer took a closer look, too. 

He said names like Peloton  (PTON) – Get Report have staying power. Despite the short-sellers trying to crush this one, the stock has held up as the business continues to expand its offerings. Peloton is “clearly here to stay,” he said.

So is Pinterest  (PINS) – Get Report, Facebook  (FB) – Get Report, Etsy  (ETSY) – Get Report and Shopify  (SHOP) – Get Report, all of which lean on e-commerce and/or digital advertising for growth.

Another name benefiting from e-commerce is Wayfair  (W) – Get

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Target Is Giving Amazon Prime Day a Run for Its Money With an Epic Two-Day Sale

We’re in that long stretch between the official start of fall and the holiday season, where we’re making lists, checking them twice, and just waiting for the seasonal deals to start rolling in. And this year, we’re pleased as punch, because not only do we have Amazon Prime Day to look forward to on October 13 and 14, we also have the newly announced Target Deal Days to add to our calendar, which will be on, you guessed it, October 13 and 14. We need to start exercising our “add to shopping cart” click reflexes ASAP, because that’s going to be an epic two-day shopping spree!

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small

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5 Ways to Save Money on Headphones

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A lot of people used to be perfectly happy listening to their tunes on the earbuds that came free with cell phones and other electronics. But in recent years, headphones that cost hundreds of dollars have become a fairly mainstream purchase.

The second generation AirPods—the cheaper version without noise-canceling tech—cost about $160, and you could pay more than twice that for popular models from Bose and Sony.

Sometimes the performance justifies the price, but many people don’t have room in their budget to spend three figures on a new pair of headphones, especially when a lot of models aren’t built to last a lifetime. 

These tips and tricks will help you shop smarter when it’s time for your next headphone purchase. We also have some strategies to keep your current headphones working longer, and even a tip to breathe

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Inventors, Here’s How to License Your Idea and Make Money

7 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Like anything else, to improve your odds of success at licensing a product idea, you need to be able to play the game longer and smarter.

The longer you’re in the game, the better chances you have of reaching your goal.

Take it from me. I’m not a gambler. In fact, I consider myself a no-risk entrepreneur. Early on in my career, I realized that I needed to find a way of increasing my chances of success at bringing my ideas for products to market.

Related: 3 Takeaways From Lori Greiner’s Invent It, Sell It, Bank It.

I flat out did not want to work for anyone else. I was newly married, and my wife was obviously not going put up with me struggling to make a living.

Truth be told, I’ve only ever really worked

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Vanguard’s Actions Show Why Muni Money Market Funds Are an ‘Endangered Species’

Laveta Brigham

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Vanguard said there is a short supply of certain types of municipal securities available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Say goodbye to your single-state municipal bond money-market fund. That could be the upshot of the announcement last Friday by Vanguard Group, which said it was liquidating its Pennsylvania and New Jersey muni money-market funds.

“Due to the short supply of certain types of municipal securities available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we believe these specific municipal money markets no longer offer the market depth needed to prudently provide these state-specific products in all market conditions,” Vanguard said in a news release.

The truth is, yields are so low for the ultra-short-term, high-quality municipal debt that money markets buy, particularly in high-tax states, that they can’t cover their costs.

“Tax exempt money-market funds and particularly state specific ones are on the endangered species list,” Peter Crane, president of

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Why breaking your mortgage early for lower rates won’t save you money

Laveta Brigham

A growing number of homeowners are asking about breaking mortgage early for lower rates (Getty Images)
A growing number of homeowners are asking about breaking mortgage early for lower rates (Getty Images)

Record low mortgage rates might make breaking your term early seem enticing, but the penalty costs will wipe out the potential savings.

Variable mortgage rates have fallen over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, following a string of interest rate cuts by the Bank of Canada. Fixed rates are also lower because of market forces pushing bond yields lower. 

According to Ratehub, mortgage shoppers will find better deals on 5-year variable mortgages at around 1.6 per cent, compared to around 1.64 per cent for fixed. 

Unless you are able to renew your mortgage at more favourable rates, current homeowners are locked out of the potential savings. That leaves breaking your mortgage early.

Online mortgage agency Nesto says there’s been an increased interest in breaking early in 2020, especially in August.

“Before the pandemic, most

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How to make enough money to retire in the next 5 years

Laveta Brigham

I’ve worked in finance and spent years learning about assets — particularly digital assets. People ask me via social media how I made enough money to face retirement in the next five years.

They seem to think I have many secrets about how to make enough money to retire that can change their life. Here’s how I did it.

1. Invest your money rather than save.

Saving your money is stupid. Inflation will eat away at your money. You make money when you invest what you have in real assets.

2. Understand the idea of purchasing power.

Governments print money to fight recessions and fund wars. When they do, they take away the purchasing power of the money you have earned. The only way to repay the huge debt the US Government has racked up is by either: 1) Raising taxes 2) Printing money out of thin air.

Increasing taxes

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save money on Wahoo’s range of cycling computers, turbo trainers and accessories

Laveta Brigham

Wahoo has its roots in a simple ANT+ dongle, which allowed founder and current CEO, Chip Hawkins, to pair external sensors to his smartphone so it could be used as a head unit replacement. 

This problem-solving ethos is what the Atlanta, Georgia-based technology outfit has built its brand upon – and is now producing everything from dual-band sensors to one of the best smart bikes. 

The key to all of Wahoo’s gear is that it’s easy to use and reliable. The head units are intuitive and offer best in class app integration, and the wheel-on, direct-drive smart trainers smart bike are universally compatible with indoor cycling apps, including The Sufferfest which Wahoo acquired in July 2019.

Now $1,199.99
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‘I Want To Make It Simple For Women To Invest Their Money,’ Priti Rathi Gupta Spells Out Her Life Mission

Laveta Brigham

“The deep rooted orientation that ‘men manage money much better’ has created a huge barrier in the minds of women that this is so complicated that only a male brain can decipher it,” says Priti Rathi Gupta, Managing Director and Promoter at AnandRathi Group. “Add to this years of conditioning that what really matters is earning your money and very little stress on how managing your money and investing is the only path to wealth creation, made it unattractive life skill for women.”

Married at an early age of 19, Priti she says she was inspired by her siblings, who are both CAs, to finish her education. She returned to her books to get a bachelor’s degree and went on to get an executive education from Harvard Business School. After joining the family-led business, she made her life’s mission to educate women about investing. To that effect,  she

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