10 Steps to Take When You’re Facing a Forced Retirement

You spend decades of your life working toward the goal of retiring someday. There’s a ton of guesswork involved about when it will happen, how much you’ll need each year and even how long you’re expecting to live.

But when retirement happens sooner than you anticipated — due to a layoff, health issue or some other life event — your decades of retirement planning gets thrown off course.

Suddenly, your time to save is over. Now you have to make less money last even longer than you’d imagined.

10 Steps to Take When You’re Forced to Retire Early

Whether you’ve been forced to retire early due to circumstances beyond your control or you’re preparing for a worst-case scenario, know you still have options for a financially sound retirement. Follow these steps to help you adjust your plans.

1. Find Affordable Health Coverage

When you have to retire early, you’re hit

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13 Long-Term Steps to Reduce Your Living Expenses and Save Money

Morsa Images/istockphoto
Morsa Images/istockphoto

Slash and Save

Whether your budget and income have already taken a hit from living in a pandemic or you’re just concerned you could be next on the COVID-19 chopping block, there are a number of ways you can start to cut expenses and live with less budget-related anxiety. From more drastic measures such as selling your home and relocating to steps that can start saving you money today, here are steps you can take that could help brighten your financial future.

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Bill Oxford/istockphoto
Bill Oxford/istockphoto

Refinance Your Home

Mortgage interest rates are at a historic low right now, and a refinance could be one way to save a significant amount of money. “Generally, if you can decrease your interest rate by 1% to 2% by refinancing, it’s worth it to do so,” said Chane Steiner, CEO of the personal finance site

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Sky Steps Up Scripted Production From Next Month; ‘Britannia,’ ‘Temple’ & ‘Breeders’ To Restart

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EXCLUSIVE: Comcast’s European pay-TV broadcaster Sky is aiming to get back into scripted production in a big way from August, with a number of its high-profile British shows under starters’ orders to get shooting again.

After War Of The Worlds became the first UK drama series to go into production during the pandemic this week, industry chatter around restarts is intensifying, and Sky is said to be among those leading the charge.

More from Deadline

Deadline has heard of at least five shows that are close to getting cameras rolling again over the coming weeks. August could see the return of Britannia, Temple, Breeders and Code 404. Other shows will start coming back online from September, including A Discovery Of Witches.

Of the August crop, Britannia is a full-blooded restart after Season 3 was forced to shut down

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Protect yourself from identity theft with 5 crucial steps

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Here's how to empower yourself to protect your personal information online. (Photo: Getty)
Here’s how to empower yourself to protect your personal information online. (Photo: Getty)

We’re all extra vulnerable these days, and I’m not just talking about COVID-19 itself. Online data breaches have escalated during pandemic-related lockdowns, according to Tech Republic, and everything from your financial information to your identity could be at risk. 

“We’re now in totally uncharted waters, especially when it comes to hacking and identity theft,” Adam Levin, cyber security expert and founder of Cyberscout, tells Yahoo Life. “Breaches have become the third certainty in life behind death and taxes.” He says that identity thieves “prey on vulnerability and distraction,” like working from home while running a household and other major upheavals in routine.


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7 steps to recession-proof your small business

Blame COVID-19: the US officially entered a recession in February. I suspect that’s not news to you and your small business, as small businesses have been on the front line of this downturn, struggling to survive. In fact, since the shut-down, it’s estimated that over 100,000 small businesses have closed their doors for good.

I don’t want you to be one of them, so there are ways to help ‘recession-proof’ your small business.

1.     Get the word out to ‘shop small, shop local.’ In response to COVID, customers want to help their favorite small businesses succeed, but at any time, it’s critical to educate consumers about the importance of small businesses to their community. Work together with other small businesses in your community or industry to create special events, discounts, rewards. Right now, you can give American Express cardholders even more motivation to ‘shop small,’ as American Express announced on

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3 Essential Steps to Take

Love and marriage don’t always go hand in hand these days.

You’ve probably heard all the reports about how fewer people are marrying — even after the 2015 Supreme Court decision that gave couples of all genders the right to marry.

About 18 million people in the U.S. are cohabiting with someone they’re not married to. And it isn’t just young couples shacking up to test the waters before marriage. About 1 in 4 of the 18 million cohabiters in the U.S. are 50 or older.

You don’t need a marriage certificate to prove your love for your partner.

But here’s the problem: The government doesn’t care how in love you are, which means financial and estate planning for unmarried couples is extra important.

Why Financial Planning Is Tough for Unmarried Couples

One thing that marriage has going for it is that it’s a legal contract. That means certain rights

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4 Steps for Using Today’s Small Savings to Make a Big Impact

You have a budget…ish, but if you come up short at the end of the month, you’ve always had your credit card to rely on.

And yes, it seems there’s always an expense that’s left you reaching for the plastic, but in the past few months — since you’ve been stuck inside — you haven’t had to put as much on the card.

That’s been the experience of many Americans: Outstanding consumer credit was down 28.6% in March and nearly 65% April, according to the Federal Reserve.

Here’s all of our coverage of the coronavirus outbreak, which we will be updating every day.

Unfortunately, the belt tightening might be due to a job loss, but many of us simply found more ways to be frugal as we sat at home.

As states ease restrictions and places begin to reopen, you might be feeling the urge to pull out the plastic

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