Inside Deciem’s Virtual Consultations

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As the manager of Deciem’s New York City Fifth Avenue, one of the perks of Anthony Clemetson’s job is meeting people from all over the world. Now, though, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing stores to close their brick-and-mortar outposts, Clemetson speaks with people worldwide as part of the brand’s virtual consultation team. Using software from Hero, Clemetson focuses on client education and outreach. Now, though, while the medium may be different, the message remains the same. “What drew me to Deciem was seeing how they do retail,” Clemetson says. “Customer kindness and education over sales is key.”


How do clients schedule virtual consultations?

On the Deciem web site, there’s a small pop-up on the bottom right corner. It builds on their at-home experience.

What is your philosophy on making a sale?

 We’re lucky that we’re not a sales-driven company. Did I educate the

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Cannes Virtual Market Verdict & Diversity’s Thunderbolt Moment

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Hello, and welcome to International Insider, Jake Kanter here. Well done on making it to Friday, here are the six things we want you to know about the global film and TV business this week. If you want to subscribe, sign up here.

1. Cannes Virtual Market Verdict

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Andreas Wiseman reports: The Cannes virtual market got underway this week and has largely been heralded as a success by those we’ve spoken to. There have been inevitable tech hiccups given the unprecedented nature of the undertaking but on the whole, buyers have been impressed by the volume and quality of projects and the operation itself. “It’s great to see how resourceful Cannes, the agencies and sales agents have been to make this happen,” one leading international buyer text me this morning.

Big names, big deals: Bill Murray, Emma Roberts,

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13 Virtual Summer Camps That Will Keep Your Little Ones Engaged

A young boy at home over the weekend using a laptop to do his homework.
A young boy at home over the weekend using a laptop to do his homework.

Obviously, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, summer plans are on hold until further notice. And for families who rely on camp during the warmer months, this can be problematic. Although traditional summer camps might be out of the question this year, there are plenty of virtual options that will keep kids of all ages entertained. Whether they’re looking to keep their academics sharp (hey, no one likes that pesky summer slide, right?) or just want some good, old-fashioned fun, these online summer camps will deliver.

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Camp PBS Kids

Children between the ages of 2 and 8 can get access to a slew of educational activities all summer long using PBS Kids’ website. Parents can also opt to get a daily newsletter that’s

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Sellers Place Key Pics in Cannes Virtual Market

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The Cannes Marché du Film, along with a sales initiative led by Hollywood agencies, is hosting the first major virtual market since the start of pandemic, starting on June 23. Distributors and sales agents are looking forward to it: the turn-up for the online Cannes Marché du Film is significant with more than 7,000 accredited participants as of mid-June.

“As nobody can leave their house, a virtual market is the next best thing. It’s a valid and worthwhile effort … people need something to initiate interactions. If this virtual market can help in some way to stimulate business that’s a great thing,” says Dylan Leiner at Sony Pictures Classics.

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Here’s a look at some key titles for sale:


Director: Nicole Dorsey

Producers: Pierre Even

A disgraced competitive fencer (Tessa Thompson) is aiming for her Olympic comeback. She receives a

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12 Buzzy Films for Sale at the Cannes Virtual Markets, From Michael Mann to Elisabeth Moss

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No splashy premieres at the Palais. No Croisette-apartment dealmaking. While there won’t be a physical Cannes Film Festival this year, this just might be the most important Cannes ever for getting business done.

As much of the industry’s work has been restricted to development amid the pandemic, agents and buyers are counting on two concurrent virtual markets that start this week to help move those projects forward. And with the fate of fall festivals up in the air, the Cannes markets could be the only opportunity to conduct business en masse for the entirety of 2020.

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The markets — one spearheaded by American sales agencies and the other run by the official Marché du Film — represent the first major virtual markets to go live since the pandemic roiled the world. Agents say the two are complimentary, rather than competitive:

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Here’s how to get the most out of your virtual internship

While some employers have been canceling their summer internships, many have moved online. But these virtual internships come with a new set of challenges for interns.

Instead of impromptu brainstorming with colleagues and morning meetings with managers, interns face isolation, lack of camaraderie, and no in-person lunches with coworkers, making it harder for interns to stand out and to turn internships into full-time jobs.

“These interns need to really prove themselves and work harder than they expected to produce great outcomes and recommendations,” said Jill Tipograph, a career coach and founder of Early Stage Career,. “not to mention lay the foundation for future job opportunities.”

Here are the main challenges that virtual internships pose and how you can overcome them.

Ask people who work there about the company’s work style and protocols for remote work and learn more about the best ways to communicate with your future colleagues. Photo: Getty Creative
Ask people who work there about the company’s work style and protocols for remote work and learn more about the best ways to communicate with your future colleagues. Photo: Getty
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20 Virtual Summer Camps to Keep Your Child Busy When the Days Are Long

When school lets out for summer, the excitement is palpable…there’s no homework, so much ice cream and, of course, camp! But what to do if Covid-19 has closed down the camps in your neck of the woods? Fear not: There’s a Zoom for that. (And some of them are actually pretty innovative and pretty adept at keeping your children active.) Read on for our roundup of virtual summer camps, which offer something to keep every type of child entertained this (long, long) season.

1. Varsity Tutors

These week-long camp sessions allow parents and kids to test the waters of virtual summer camp before diving into a longer commitment. Varsity Tutors boasts a large staff of expert instructors with experience in a wide range of subjects—ranging from uproarious improv games for little ones to mathematical research for the highschool set—and live, interactive learning (i.e., new summer camp friends) is part of

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The best virtual escape rooms to play online with friends

We could all do with a bit of escapism from reality at the minute, as lockdown continues in the UK.

Escape rooms are very popular with groups who love a challenge, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, all of them in the UK have closed their doors for the foreseeable.

But in the past few weeks, escape rooms have come online instead to make socialising with your friends adrenaline-pumping.

Even the World Health Organisation is urging everyone to stay at home and play games, so if you need some more inspiration we’ve rounded up the best apps that you can play games on with friends and family here.

As with physical escape rooms, the mission is as the name suggests – to escape the room – through a series of problem-solving missions and teamwork. Here are a few of our favourites.

You can trust our independent round-ups. We may earn

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Airbnb Online Experiences lets you go on virtual travel or tours

If you’re starting to feel a little wanderlust right now, you’re not alone. I have been daydreaming of the day I can dust off my millennial pink AWAY suitcase, hop on a plane and get lost in the streets of a foreign city again. Normally, when there isn’t a global pandemic or widespread civil unrest and protests against police brutality and systemic racism, I write about travel and destinations around the world. Quarantining during COVID-19 has redefined how we connect with people and places around the world, both domestically and internationally — among lots of other things. Sheltering in place has forced us to adapt to many new norms and continuously discover ways to fuel our creativity, whether that’s learning a new language, cooking a new bread recipe or playing an instrument. And for world travelers like myself who are used to globetrotting during the spring and summer months, COVID-19

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