Joe Biden and Democrats unveil details of DNC convention including nightly themes, ways to watch

WASHINGTON – With guests and segments streamed in from across the country, Democrats and their presumptive nominee Joe Biden plan to use four nights of videos and speakers at the party’s convention to highlight stories of everyday Americans struggling during a global pandemic and economic upheaval. 

In doing so, they will cast blame on President Donald Trump for simultaneous crises and argue that Biden, the former vice president, is the person America needs to lead the nation out of chaos.

Biden and the Democratic National Committee have chosen “Uniting America,” according to convention planners, as the primary theme for the four-day day Democratic National Convention, originally planned for Milwaukee but now to be conducted by video from satellite locations because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The theme for the DNC’s unprecedented virtual convention is meant to show a sharp contrast to Trump, who Democrats say has divided the nation amid one

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Two astronauts are preparing to return Earth aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship. Watch their fiery homecoming live online via NASA TV.

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are the first humans SpaceX rocketed into orbit.
NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are the first humans SpaceX rocketed into orbit.

SpaceX; NASA; Business Insider

  • SpaceX’s Crew Dragon became the first crewed, commercially developed spaceship to dock at the International Space Station in May.

  • This weekend, the ship and its astronauts — Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley — are set to return to Earth.

  • Their historic flight includes a planned undocking on Saturday and a scorching, speedy fall through our atmosphere on Sunday, and you can watch the journey live on NASA TV below.

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Despite the threat of Hurricane Isaias strafing coastal Florida with brutal weather, NASA and SpaceX are “go” to return the first commercial astronauts to planet Earth this weekend.

SpaceX made history in May when it became the first company to launch a crewed spaceship to the International Space Station. In doing so, Elon Musk’s rocket

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Jeff Bezos will be an open target when he’s questioned by Congress for the first time. These are the big flash points to watch for.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

  • Amazon CEO will testify before a congressional antitrust committee for the first time on Wednesday, alongside Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, and Mark Zuckerberg. 

  • While experts told Business Insider they expect the questioning to mostly pertain to matters of competition, Bezos will likely be grilled on everything from how Amazon treats third-party sellers to the company’s approach to acquisitions. 

  • The hearing may come at a challenging time for Bezos, who recently added $13 billion to his net worth in a single day as the coronavirus still surges in parts of the US, contributing to widespread job losses. 

  • Bezos will need to downplay Amazon’s size and power in favor of highlighting the benefit the company provides to small businesses and the communities it operates in. 

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He’s appeared in a Star Trek movie, built a $42 million, 10,000-year clock in

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Mind-bending sci-fi films to watch online now Tenet has been delayed

It’s the news film fans had been dreading – Christopher Nolan’s mind bending sci-fi epic Tenet has been delayed indefinitely, with Warner Bros temporarily pulling it from their release calendar.

It was supposed to be the cinematic event of the summer, with an astronomical $200m (£157m) budget and a secretive plot – all we know so far is that it involves John David Washington’s special agent and his attempts to prevent a conflict “worse than World War III” through the manipulation of time.

All is not lost, though. The delay gives film lovers plenty more time to explore incredible time-twisting epics at home, and get their sci-fi references on point before the film eventually arrives.

From modern masterpieces to classics of the genre, these are some of the most ambitious and mind-bending sci-fi movies to discover from home after Tenet’s delay.


If you get to the end of Primer

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Swatch and Hodinkee Just Unveiled Your Go-To Summer Watch

Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Esquire

To understand the concept of sprezzatura, a word that, much like “luxury” and “bespoke,” has been so misused in the past decade that it barely means anything anymore, you could look no further than the habit of certain successful men, who can easily afford a Rolex or two, liking to confound and confuse their colleagues at times by strapping on a bright plastic Swatch to wear with their Tom Ford. Cocking a sartorial middle finger at expectation and convention is part and parcel of the idea that dressing well means looking like you didn’t try too hard.

Our friends at Hodinkee know this very well. When the leading online blog for watch fans began in 2017 to make limited-run collaborations with actual watch brands that could sell on the site alongside a burgeoning strap business, it picked Swatch. Not just any Swatch, mind you

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Tom Brady Bought His First IWC Watch Because He Lost a Game. Now He’s a Certified Watch Guy.

Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Esquire

For Florida’s newest transplant, Tom Brady, watches are a personal passion that has grown steadily along with his 20-year football career. From the first watch he bought for himself at 24, to his current tie-in with legendary Swiss tool-watch brand IWC, Brady’s schtick has always been sleuthing out watches with the perfect balance of form and function. To Brady, a daily beater is as cherished as a five-figure grande complication Portugieser for date night and an integral part of the style armory. I Zoomed recently with Tom to find out more about his ongoing thing for IWC.

Do you remember your first watch? Was it a Christmas present?

I always got footballs or gold clubs; those were the two things I most wanted. I didn’t develop an appreciation for watches until I was in my early twenties. But over the years I’ve accumulated them. I

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3 Cybersecurity Stocks to Watch

Organizations across the world have been fretting over the issue of cybersecurity for long. The ever-evolving nature of cyberattacks makes it difficult for organizations to keep pace. Cyberattacks are responsible for massive losses and are likely to cost companies almost $5.2 trillion annually, per Absolute Markets Insights data.

Cybercriminals use various ways to attack systems, including ransomware, denial-of-service, SQL injection attack, etc. Notably, ransomware is the most profitable malware, causing maximum financial damages to an individual or organization. It infects a computer to encrypt files or systems. Typically, the victim has to cough up a ransom amount for data retrieval.

Markedly, per Coveware, ransomware is estimated to have caused global damage worth $11.5 billion to organizations in 2019.

We had got an idea about the gravity of damages caused by a ransomware when organizations were affected by two back-to-back ransomware attacks — WannaCry in May and Petya in June 2017.

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15 Hidden Fees To Watch Out For in Retirement

If you want to guarantee a happy, stable retirement, it’s important to start saving — and investing — now. Unfortunately, hidden fees can wreak havoc on even the smartest investment strategies. Along with consulting fees, you might find yourself dealing with fees to trade, fees to advise and even high taxes. Watch out for these 15 hidden fees so you can avoid wasting your money in retirement.

Last updated Jan. 20, 2020

1. Advisory Fees

While financial advisors need to eat and pay rent just like anyone else, the rhetoric they use to express how much you’re being charged might be hard to decipher. Advisors often talk in “basis points,” which simply means tiny fractions of a percentage point. For example, 1% comprises 100 basis points, and 50 basis points are equal to 0.5%.

Depending on your investment, advisory fees can be some of the highest fees you’ll pay.


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Apple Watch help with handwashing and a few other things you need to know

Usually, news coming from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is heavy on software and applause.

The keynote, which typically serves as a venue for Apple to highlight its latest iOS operating system, was done online only, because of crowd restrictions to combat the spread of the coronavirus. And on Monday, the tech giant used this year’s WWDC to get a bit socially conscious and announced it will make its own silicon chips for its Macs and new operating software. 

During a pre-taped presentation from Apple Park, CEO Tim Cook didn’t mince words discussing why Black lives matter and addressing the challenges of the coronavirus during the company’s first-ever all-virtual conference. The event comes amid an ongoing global pandemic that has forced many governments to order residents to shelter in place and intensified calls to eliminate systemic racism following the worldwide outrage since the smartphone-recorded deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis

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Watch This Crazy One-Wheeler Move, Spinning Wildly toward 70+ MPH

From Car and Driver

  • Engineering students from Duke University have developed the EV360, a monowheel project that’s very challenging to operate.
  • The student team aims to get the EV360 to at least 73 mph, as that would give them the new land-speed record from Guinness.
  • One experienced monowheel builder and driver calls them “crazy machines,” which is a warning to some and an invitation to others.

The name EV360 can be seen as descriptive. In this case, since we’re basically talking about an electric-powered circle, it’s like an electric vehicle that wraps itself around you in 360 degrees. So far, so good since the EV360 is the name of a monowheel project conducted by a group of students at Duke University.

But if you picture a monowheel by thinking of the more straightforward description of a huge wheel a person can ride inside of, then it’s a good idea to

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