Clever Ways To Save Thousands by Cutting Out the Middleman

Laveta Brigham

Brokers, salespeople, retailers, distributors and drop shippers — all of these words describe the sometimes necessary evil that is the middleman. For years, the middleman has played the important role of connecting the producer of goods to a consumer. Most of the time middlemen can and will mark something up as high as they want to make a profit, as long as what they are selling is in high demand. The traditional way of selling has since been disrupted by the rise of e-commerce, leading the way to more direct-to-consumer purchasing. 

Purchasing directly from a producer or wholesaler comes with numerous advantages such as a tailored shopping experience, direct customer service and reduced prices, just to name a few. Be aware of these tips and tricks if you’re looking to save more on your expenses.

Last updated: Sept. 30, 2020

Don’t Get Schemed by Drop Shippers

Drop shippers are online

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Five Common Ways To Fund A Small Business Beyond Personal Savings

Laveta Brigham

One of the most cliched statements in starting a small business is that “it takes money to make money”… but it is often true. Many businesses need an infusion of cash to buy essential components of their operations. For a pizzeria, that could be an industrial oven, and for a yard care business, that could be a commercial lawn mower.

A common funding practice many new business owners take is to use personal savings and start small by reinvesting profits into the business. This approach, known as bootstrapping, seems rooted in common sense, but can be restrictive to your business’ growth and personal finances. If your business needs a large infusion of capital, you don’t necessarily have to go it alone and shouldn’t if it jeopardizes your financial security.

There are a number of funding sources available to new and established businesses beyond your personal savings.

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3 Ways to Maximise Your Singtel Dash Rewards

Laveta Brigham

a person sitting at a table: Singtel Dash Rewards - how to maximise it

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Singtel Dash Rewards – how to maximise it

Source: Singtel Dash

In tough times such as this ongoing Covid-19 situation, maximising our dollar is key. For example, I have stopped buying items at full price (unless I urgently need it), and if possible, will combine my spend with reward programmes to get more value from my purchase.

One such programme is the recently launched Dash Rewards on mobile wallet Singtel Dash. Through this, Dash users can earn points on all online and offline payments (modes accepted: QR code or virtual Visa credit card) and even overseas remittance to redeem rewards. These rewards include Singtel mobile services, grocery, dining, retail and lifestyle vouchers at popular brands.If you’re already an existing Singtel Dash user, you’ll be pleased as punch to note that the app has also seen a refresh — to incorporate the new features and

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5 Ways to Save Money on Headphones

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A lot of people used to be perfectly happy listening to their tunes on the earbuds that came free with cell phones and other electronics. But in recent years, headphones that cost hundreds of dollars have become a fairly mainstream purchase.

The second generation AirPods—the cheaper version without noise-canceling tech—cost about $160, and you could pay more than twice that for popular models from Bose and Sony.

Sometimes the performance justifies the price, but many people don’t have room in their budget to spend three figures on a new pair of headphones, especially when a lot of models aren’t built to last a lifetime. 

These tips and tricks will help you shop smarter when it’s time for your next headphone purchase. We also have some strategies to keep your current headphones working longer, and even a tip to breathe

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You hate budgeting? Here are 4 alternate ways to save

You hate budgeting? Here are 4 alternate ways to save
You hate budgeting? Here are 4 alternate ways to save

You’ve probably been told time and time again that budgeting is essential if you want to keep your finances on track.

But what if you hate numbers? What if the very idea of making a budget sends a chill down your spine?

It’s a common feeling. A recent study found almost half the people who don’t budget avoid doing so because it’s too complicated or stressful.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to save money without tearing your hair out over a spreadsheet. Here are five simple tricks you can use instead.

1. Pay yourself first

<cite>alinabuzunova / Twenty20</cite>
alinabuzunova / Twenty20

Rather than budgeting during the month and then saving whatever’s left over, try paying yourself first.

As soon as you get a paycheck, set aside a fixed amount — $75 per check, for example — in an account that’s separate from where

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Budget-Friendly Ways To Get Support For Your Mental Health

Laveta Brigham

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, so now, more than ever, it’s important to talk about mental health. In our society, it is still seen to many as taboo to talk about mental health and that can make it difficult to find the help that is truly needed. Plus, our healthcare system is still broken, so many people cannot afford to get the help that they need, even if they want to seek it out. That’s why it’s so important to talk about the more budget-friendly options that exist out there right now. If you are uninsured, or if your healthcare plan doesn’t include mental healthcare coverage, here are some other options to look for.

Online Therapy

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there were an increasing amount of online options for mental health support and therapy. Now, online therapy is even more accessible than it was before. But

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13 ways you can pay less taxes, too

Laveta Brigham

13 ways you can pay less taxes, too
13 ways you can pay less taxes, too

According to a New York Times bombshell, President Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017, and paid the IRS no income tax in 10 of the previous 15 years.

“FAKE NEWS!” the president tweeted early Monday morning, hours after the news broke. But during a debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016, Trump didn’t deny paying no federal income tax some years. He said that made him “smart.”

You may not be able to reduce your tax bill to $0, but chances are there are steps you can take to pay less taxes, without running the risk you’ll be audited.

Here are some of the easiest ways you can cut your tax bill, for 2020 and for many years to come.

1. Contribute to a 401(k), 403(b) or 457 retirement plan

<cite>designer491 / Shutterstock</cite>
designer491 / Shutterstock

A great

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Emotions can mess up an investment plan. Beware of 6 irrational ways to make decisions

Laveta Brigham

It’s hard to say if now is one of those calms before the storm. But at the least, it’s a period of relative calm after the coronavirus-induced stock market plunge in February and March and the robust rally that followed.

And that makes it a decent time to assess how you might have messed up your investments by selling hastily or taking other irrational actions.

“We’ve had a severe recent drop … that makes this stuff real important,” said Steve Wendel, head of the behavioral-science team at Morningstar that studies how emotions can derail investors.

If you work with a financial adviser, that person should be helping to guide your actions. Wendell spoke primarily to advisers during an online meeting this week hosted by Morningstar, but do-it-yourself investors also can learn from the discussion.

Are you financially stressed right now?What to know about options, from debt negotiation to bankruptcy

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Resilience 2020: 5 ways to make a difference in the world

Laveta Brigham

2020 has been a year of change as corporate employees, activists, and governments grapple with pandemic, social unrest, and economic uncertainty.

For this reason Cashay and its sister sites MAKERS, HuffPost, Yahoo, and BUILT BY GIRLS partnered to create Resilience 2020, a live-streamed town hall event where thought leaders gathered to discuss how to persevere through these challenges.

Resilience 2020 brought climate, racial, immigration, and pay equity activists under one virtual roof to discuss how to persevere and make inroads to a better future.

Resilience 2020 brought climate, racial and pay equity activists under one roof to discuss how to persevere in challenging times. (Source: Getty Creative)
Resilience 2020 brought climate, racial and pay equity activists under one roof to discuss how to persevere in challenging times. (Source: Getty Creative)

“I have to start today by saying that I didn’t know how I was going to lead the session today because I, too, need resilience and hope between the passing of Justice Ruth Badger Ginsburg, to no justice for Breonna Taylor, I am

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Revenge porn cases rocketed over lockdown. Here are 5 ways to stay safe when sending intimate images online.

Laveta Brigham

A woman on her laptop appears to be stressed during the coronavirus pandemic on May 30, 2020 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The woman pictured is not associated with the story. <p class="copyright">Robin Utrecht/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images</p>
A woman on her laptop appears to be stressed during the coronavirus pandemic on May 30, 2020 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The woman pictured is not associated with the story.
  • As coronavirus measures force people to stay home and social distance, more people are sending explicit images of themselves to their partners.

  • At the same time, image-based abuse or so-called “revenge porn” is at an all-time high. The UK-based Revenge Porn Helpline reports a 22% increase in cases over the last months.

  • Insider spoke to a digital privacy advocate to find different ways to stay safe when sending private content to someone online.


Nothing is wrong with an adult sharing private images consensually.

In fact, 43% of women and 27% of men in the UK have sent a private or sexual image, according to a recent report published by Refuge. Now, as coronavirus measures

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