10 Behind The Scenes Facts You Didn’t Know About The Show

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Like many other popular reality TV shows, The X-Factor tends to turn ordinary people into stars. Not winning never means losing out on everything. Contestants such as Little Mix and Stacey Solomon still made it big. One Direction also became the biggest stars to ever come out of the show despite not […]

Like many other popular reality TV shows, The X-Factor tends to turn ordinary people into stars. Not winning never means losing out on everything. Contestants such as Little Mix and Stacey Solomon still made it big. One Direction also became the biggest stars to ever come out of the show despite not winning it.

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While viewers get to see a magnificent final product on screen, there is a lot that goes on behind the curtains to make everything tick. There are a couple of secrets too that only those who have participated in the competition know. Here are some behind-the-scenes facts viewers never knew about the reality competition scenes.

10 There Are Numerous Auditions Before Contestants Get Access To The Judges

You might have thought that contestants go straight to the judges to know their fate. That’s hardly the case. Contestants normally start by submitting videos of themselves singing a song of their choice before going for auditions.

But the audition process isn’t just a simple one. About the process, former finalist Mason Noise, who notoriously had a feud with Simon Cowell, said: “I had five auditions before I saw the judges, it’s quite a grueling process. I went to London, went into a room with some X-Factor crew, then into another room and another with more, higher-up producers.”

9 The Producers Actually Approach Some Contestants

Not everyone who is on the show auditioned for it. Others were asked to be on it. Apparently, the producers tend to do their homework and search around for potential stars. They then give them an offer.

TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal told Metro that he was one of the contestants who got invited. He said: “I actually got invited to go on The X-Factor. “It’s no secret that it’s a TV show. Some people turn up, some people they find online. They said would you like to audition for The X Factor?” Ryan was later invited to appear again in the All-Stars version but he declined.

8 Getting Naughty Is Almost Impossible

Emily Middlemas plays a guitar in X-factor

In many adult-themes reality shows, contestants can even make love. The X-Factor is a PG show but even behind closed doors, getting naughty is almost impossible. If you fall in love with someone, you’ll have to wait until the two of you are out.

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Apparently, contestants are granted secret service levels of security too. Former contestant Emily Middlemas, who was in a relationship with Ryan Lawrie, stated that the security team is not only tasked with protecting the talents in the house but also blocking any kind of intimate acts. She said: “The guards stay up all night in the corridor. It’s impossible to do anything. If we’re lucky, we can steal a kiss for a minute but that’s as far as it can go.”

7 The Contestants Get Filmed Everywhere They Go

Though mostly stage footage is used, the cameras always keep rolling. The contestants are closely monitored like they are in a Big Brother or Love Island mansion.

The purpose of this is to ensure any crazy moment gets captured. Despite hours of footage being recorded, only a small portion of it gets to be used for TV and promotional material. Better to cover everything and pick what to use than cover a few moments only to miss out on crucial details.

6 The Perks

Those who make it through the grueling audition process tend to enjoy a number of perks during the period in which they are on the show. They earned it after all.

As contestants work hard to get the mega recording contract, they are normally provided with personal chefs to make sure they eat healthy at all times. They are also provided with glam squads to make them look like a million bucks. To top that, there are personal entertainment lounges where they can play games or watch movies.

5 Choices Are Limited

Frankie Cocozza in X-Factor

Acts in recent installments have been allowed to sing their own songs but a few years back, that wasn’t possible. The contestants were only allowed to choose from a limited pool of songs.

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And that’s not the only limitation that’s present. Contestants aren’t allowed to wear what they like either. Frankie Cocozza, who was featured on the reality show back in 2011, said: “They wouldn’t let me do the songs I wanted to do, they wouldn’t let me wear what I wanted to, and I was just too much of a p**** to say no.”

4 How Louis Tomlinson Became A Judge

Louis Tomlinson claps for a contestant in X-Factor

Louis Tomlinson was a huge start during his One Direction days. The band had actually been formed on X-Factor back in 2010 when Simon Cowell teamed the boys up.

Sadly, the band broke up and life hasn’t been so good to the members. At some point, Tomlinson was close to bankruptcy and desperately needed a major gig to boost his finances. Cowell this offered him a job as a judge because they were close. However, the two ended up falling out later on.

3 Contestants Don’t Get Paid Much

Lauren Murray in X-factor

The X-Factor might be a lucrative gig for the judges and the producers but not so much for the contestants. The major way they benefit is by becoming famous and having a platform to launch their careers.

According to 2015 contestant Lauren Murray, the contestants aren’t given much money. Speaking to The Mirror, she said: “For two months I haven’t been earning anything. You’re given an allowance but it’s not much. It’s pocket money like my Grandad would give me. It’s less than £50 a week.”

2 The Work Never Stops

Despite the fact that performances only happen on Saturdays, contestants aren’t really allowed to relax all week. There s always something required of them, every minute of every day.

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Some of the things they have to do include numerous photoshoots, interviews for all kinds of media, attending movie premieres, and attending meetings in order to briefed on new rules and regulations. It’s a hectic schedule and by the time any contestant gets out, they breathe a sigh of relief.

1 Some Music Legends Don’t Like The Show

Elton John in X-Factor

Elton John, who actually appeared on the show in 2013, described it in not-so-kind words, saying: “It is a cruise ship show, which is cruel and no way to find talent.” Rock legend Sting was also not kind in his review. He stated: “It is a soap opera which has nothing to do with music. It has put music back decades.”

However, a few legends have had kind words to say. Paul McCartney said: “It’s not a bad thing. It gives some people an opportunity, it gives them confidence, it gives them work.”

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