These puzzles make great gifts. (Photo: Uncommon Goods / Etsy)

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A puzzle might be the best gift to give this year. Why? Well, as we’re spending more time indoors than ever before—especially during the colder months—people are looking for ways to entertain themselves, and having a puzzle on hand is the perfect activity to do. Plus, completing one is a great way to spend time with your household during the holidays.

Some puzzles are also literal works of art and others can be completely customized, making for a super personal gift. Below, you’ll find 15 puzzles from the challenging to the frame-worthy that would make for great gifts this year.

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1. For the one who wants a piece of art: Jiggy Puzzles

Pretty enough to frame. (Photo: Jiggy)

There are puzzles out there that are so gorgeous you want to frame them. That’s the idea behind the puzzles at Jiggy, which is why they also give you the tools needed to glue them together once you’ve completed your masterpiece. Each puzzle from the female-founded brand is designed by a female artist, and there are a ton of seasonal puzzles to choose from like The Eve, designed by artist Ana Hard.

Get the The Eve, Ana Hard Puzzle (800 Piece) at Jiggy for $49

2. For the sentimental one: A personalized puzzle

An image your giftee will actually love. (Photo: Shutterfly)

Is there a family picture your giftee absolutely loves? Turn it into a puzzle using Shutterfly. That way the entire fam can work together to literally make memories. You can choose from four different sizes and even get fancy with different layouts and designs. Shutterfly is also the best online photo printing service we’ve ever tested, so you know your image will come out crisp and clean, too.

Get the Photo Gallery Puzzle (60 to 1014 Pieces) at Shutterfly for $28.03

3. For the news fanatic: A ‘The New Yorker’ cover puzzle

Artwork straight from the magazine (Photo: New York Puzzle Company)

Aside from its in-depth articles, The New Yorker is known for its gorgeous cover art, and you can find some of its most popular covers in puzzle form. This one features a seasonal Christmas attic image by artist Jenni Oliver and was originally published in the December 21, 1987 issue. I gave one of these to my puzzle-loving sister and she absolutely adored it.

Get the New Yorker Christmas Attic 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle at Amazon for $21.95

4. For the cartographer: My Town USGS Map Jigsaw Puzzle

A clever puzzle map. (Photo: National Geographic)

Know someone who loves maps as much as they love their hometown? Get them a puzzle from National Geographic that displays a USGS map of where they’re from. To personalize it just enter the address of your giftee and the map will show their surrounding area and the center puzzle piece will be shaped like a house.

Get the National Geographic My Town USGS Map Jigsaw Puzzle (400 Piece) at Amazon for $44.95

5. For the party queen: Disco Queen Puzzle

A puzzle that rings in the new year. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Nothing embodies a new year celebration quite like a ton of champagne, and after the never-ending year of 2020, we could all use a little celebration. This gorgeous Disco Queen puzzle can help satisfy your giftee’s itch for a big party this year—or it’s as close as you can get.

Get the Disco Queen Puzzle (500 Piece) at Anthropologie for $26

6. For the one who loves the outdoors: National Parks Collage Puzzle

Complete the great outdoors while indoors. (Photo: Etsy)

While it might be harder to get to the National Parks these days due to the pandemic, your recipient can dream of completing their park bucket list by putting together this puzzle. It features all 62 National Parks including Zion, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and more. It’s highly rated and will provide some entertainment as we’re stuck inside this winter.

Get the National Parks Collage 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle at Etsy for $39.99

7. For the one obsessed with special dates: New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Custom news for their special day. (Photo: Uncommon Goods)

If your recipient is obsessed with history (or themselves in general), then they’ll love a personalized puzzle of The New York Times cover on the date they were born. They can slowly piece together the major headlines and learn some fun facts to spit out at parties. This is also a great gift for anniversaries or other special dates.

Get the New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle (500 Pieces) at Uncommon Goods for $49.95

8. For the dog lover: Dog Canine Lovers Puzzle

Can you name all the breeds? (Photo: Ridley’s)

Does your recipient rattle off every dog breed? Test their knowledge (and puzzle skills) with this 1,000-piece dog poster puzzle from Ridley’s. It features 54 different breeds from Chow Chow to Rottweiler to Chihuahua. It’s the perfect puzzle for any animal lover.

Get the Ridley’s Dog Canine Lovers 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle at Amazon for $39.99

9. For the puzzle expert: The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

Now, this is a challenge. (Photo: Etsy)

If your recipient constantly brags about how fast they are at puzzles or takes over whenever you attempt to do one with them, then it’s time to give them a real challenge: The Clearly Impossible Puzzle. All of the pieces in the puzzle are clear and shaped similarly, so it’s pretty much impossible to finish, and you can choose from 100 to 500 pieces. Your giftee with either love you or hate you for giving them this.

Get the Clearly Impossible Puzzle (100 to 500 Pieces) at Etsy starting at $13.99

10. For the one with wanderlust: Cinque Terre Puzzle

The Italian coast is finally in reach. (Photo: Buffalo Games)

While your giftee can’t travel to the Italian coast right now, they can complete a puzzle that (sort of) makes them feel like they’re there. This puzzle captures a gorgeous town in Cinque Terre that they’ll definitely be adding to their bucket list. It’s highly-rated with reviewers praising the quality of the image and that the puzzle provides the right amount of difficulty. 

Get the Buffalo Games Cinque Terre 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle at Amazon for $13.99

11. For the one who misses theater: Playbill Presents Puzzle

For when they can’t collect Playbills in real life. (Photo: Endless Games)

Your giftee has been limited to listening to their favorite musical soundtracks as Broadway won’t be open anytime soon, unfortunately. But you can lift their spirits with a puzzle featuring their favorite musical Playbills like Hamilton, The Lion King, Cats, and more. Warning: They’ll probably sing show tunes while completing it.

Get the 1000-pc. Playbill Presents The Broadway Musical Collection Jigsaw Puzzle at Kohl’s for $14.99

12. For the one who appreciates a good photo: Gray Malin 2-Sided Puzzle

These puzzles are picture perfect. (Photo: Gary Malin)

Gray Malin is known for his incredible travel photography, and his prints have been turned into puzzles that are insanely hard. Why? It’s double-sided, so not only do you need to separate your edges from your middle pieces, but you need to determine what side is going to work. This winter-themed one is appropriate for the season and features a mountainside on one side and an array of colorful skiers on the other. 

Get the Galison Gray Malin 2-Sided Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Pieces) at Amazon for $24.99

13. For the one obsessed with Baby Yoda: The Child Puzzle

So precious. (Photo: Buffalo Games)

Is your giftee obsessed with Baby Yoda? We are too. And this puzzle featuring Baby Yoda peeking over the shoulder of The Mandalorian is the perfect way to express your love for him. Plus, with The Mandalorian season two out, Baby Yoda is already at the forefront of our minds, meaning this puzzle will be super popular.

Get the Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle at Amazon for $9.97

14. For the activist: Votes for Women Puzzle

The faces of voting rights activists. (Photo: Uncommon Goods)

This puzzle, which celebrates the women’s suffrage movement, serves as a reminder to vote and fight for civil rights. It features images of voting rights activists like Hester C. Jeffrey, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Frederick Douglass that any activist would love completing themselves.

Get the Votes for Women Puzzle (500 Piece) at Uncommon Goods for $20

15. For the cartoon fan: Peanuts Cast Puzzle

Good Grief! (Photo: Urban Outfitters)

The holidays really aren’t complete without a Charlie Brown movie, and you can bring the entire cast into your giftee’s home with this adorable puzzle. It features iconic scenes from the comics and duplicates of each character will make it a bit of a challenge.

Get the Peanuts Cast 500 Piece Puzzle at Urban Outfitters for $16

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