2 local students seek to make a difference by creating a free online tutoring site

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Two friends create tutoring website called Youth Enlightened Two students from Northeast Philly created a tutoring website for kids K-8 called Youth Enlightened to help during the pandemic NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA – Two Northeast high school students wanted to make a difference for other students struggling to learn in this new […]

Two Northeast high school students wanted to make a difference for other students struggling to learn in this new age of online classwork. Chantelle Faria and Molly McCaffrey joined their talents and created Youth Enlightened, a free tutoring website for students to get the help they need.

The two teens joined Alex Holley and Thomas Drayton on Good Day to chat about their website and the drive behind its formation.

“We chose to start this because we really just wanted to help. We thought that a virtual service would really help to provide an extra set of help for students who are also struggling, specifically younger students,” Molly said.

The two girls are running the service while also balancing their own course work.

The teens found students are struggling with focus and concentrating on their work, in this new dimension of learning. As Molly explained, “We’re lacking the in-person personal relationship with learning. It’s the concentration, it’s the motivation. We hear a lot of procrastination. That’s what we do the most, it seems like, so far. It’s just sitting with our students and helping them get their homework done. Helping them get focusing on their studies and study methods as they are not learning many techniques through the virtual platform.”

The two went on to add they are looking for volunteers to help other students connect and adapt in the new virtual classroom.

Asked why they decided this should be a free service, Chantelle stated, “Our main goal was to give back to the community. Throughout our lives, we were always supported by our teachers and they were there giving up their time, helping us through after-school activities. This is why we wanted to give back and use our talents and skills to help others through these unprecedented times.”

All sessions are conducted via Zoom. Anyone interested in the free tutoring, can find the forms on the website, here. The teens will contact the submitter within two to three business days, after which there are consent forms and the two will assign a tutor for the student.


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