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Location. Location. Location. A top rule in business, you must get people through your doors if you want to make it into the black. Thank goodness it’s the 21st century, and that actual foot traffic isn’t the only way to boost your customer base. New England Newspapers Inc. gives you […]

Location. Location. Location.

A top rule in business, you must get people through your doors if you want to make it into the black.

Thank goodness it’s the 21st century, and that actual foot traffic isn’t the only way to boost your customer base.

New England Newspapers Inc. gives you all locations at once: print, digital and on social media. We use our local, regional and international reach to send your message, and no other regional media organization even comes close when it comes to being part of the fabric of the Green Mountain and Berkshire communities.

In the past year, NENI — parent of the Bennington Banner, The Berkshire Eagle, Brattleboro Reformer, Manchester Journal, Berkshire Shopper’s Guide and the Southern Vermont Shopper — had more than 21 million page views.

That’s representative of about 5 million total readers, who sat down and engaged with a NENI publication on more than 12 million occasions. Let’s not forget our traditional print reach, with distribution of our newspapers, magazines and shopper’s guides going to tens of thousands of homes in Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont.

Can’t afford to be left out

Letty Acosta, digital advertising director with NENI, said that businesses can’t afford to go with only one medium for their message.

“You need to consider the print, digital and social platforms, and we at NENI can do it for you. Without an integrated approach, businesses aren’t maximizing their marketing buys, and, in turn, leveraging the engagement with their potential consumers,” said Acosta.

“Remember, consumers absorb our product through multiple platforms. And, by placing your message on multiple platforms you exponentially increase the odds of engagement from a consumer.”

Further, she noted, is that NENI’s particular readership skews higher in income and buying power.

Whether you tap into the advertising and marketing expertise at NENI — at the Banner, Journal or another NENI newspaper — you’re getting an ad agency without needing to go shopping for one, because we’re already here.

One phone call leads to action

“With one phone call, businesses can run on every single media platform out there,” said Beth Maturevich-Hespelein, a multimedia sales consultant based out of Pittsfield, Mass. “Everything is available here under one umbrella, one connection for every marketing solution.”

She said that, with NENI being the leading content provider in the region, businesses should be talking to us about broadcasting their message far and wide.

“We’re a powerful agency in this way,” Maturevich-Hespelein said.

Acosta said that NENI digital leverages the business experience of its personnel to provide all the services of a big city ad agency, including full cycle ad and marketing solutions, with short- and long-term goals, as well as helping to craft your message to readers.

“What makes us stronger than other agencies, is that they still have to go through a third and fourth party to get their message to consumers. Not with us. We do it all under one umbrella,” she said.

Happy customers

The team at Yankee Home Improvement is one Western Massachusetts business that signed on earlier this year with NENI’s digital/print solutions. NENI provided ad consultation, ad placement on three regional websites, a sponsored content article in print and online, social media blasts, targeted email blasts and print advertisements for Yankee.

New customers rolled in for Yankee, specialists in roofing, siding, doors, bathrooms and windows; from their headquarters in Chicopee, Mass., Yankee was able to reach new audiences in Southern Vermont and the Berkshires.

Quinn Gaston, outreach and marketing manager for Yankee, said, “NENI was vital in connecting with old and new customers in the Berkshire market. Especially in these challenging times, the advertisement has continued to bring in more and more connections each month. The sponsored content was extremely well-written, and it was very helpful in allowing the Berkshire market to effectively see the core values of the company.”

Hesitant at first

John Bresnahan of Devanny-Condron Funeral Home in Pittsfield said he was initially hesitant over signing on for an advertising package that featured sponsored content, simply because the funeral home and crematory are a low-key advertiser; Devanny-Condron conducts its business quietly and respectfully, without fanfare.

But, after signing on for a series of sponsored articles, Bresnahan said the community response was “terrific. The comments from the public were overwhelmingly positive.”

The process — “a collaborative effort with a talented writer” — went smoothly for Bresnahan, noting that the agreed-upon subjects for each article were timely and informative.

Further, he anticipated that the added exposure on NENI websites and social media streams will help Devanny-Condron stand out in the greater Berkshires community.

Your message, alongside our news

NENI is unique in the region in that it gives businesses access to placement in heavily traveled news streams, which other organizations cannot promise.

The company’s experts can even give you a plan to take elsewhere, if you want to be prepared to do it on your own.

Acosta, the digital media expert, noted that this is what it means to be a supportive local business, adding that such help could save a business tens of thousands of dollars.

“We are all about the community. When you go to a big agency, they’re not in your backyard,” she said.

Said Maturevich-Hespelein: “We’ve taken an extraordinarily difficult time and morphed ourselves fully into digital, and through us, more businesses can connect directly with their community. We’re 10 steps ahead to make sure that everyone is able to speak directly to and with their community.”

NENI is not a one-size-fits-all marketing, media and ad agency.

“When we build an integrated program, it’s built to scale for the organization. It isn’t about taking your money; it’s really about what’s going to work for you.”

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