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If you’re in the market for a new job and don’t know where to start your search, you might want to consider how you can start working with recruiters. Recruiters are always looking online for potential candidates to place in open positions. You just have to grab the attention of […]

If you’re in the market for a new job and don’t know where to start your search, you might want to consider how you can start working with recruiters.

Recruiters are always looking online for potential candidates to place in open positions. You just have to grab the attention of the right ones in your field and let them help you find a good fit.

But how do you get noticed by an online recruiter? There are some things you can do to make yourself more attractive to recruiters who are trying to fill positions. We gathered advice from top recruiting resources to help you get noticed by the right people and let the jobs come to you.

Make sure recruiters know you are open to opportunities

The first step to making sure recruiters notice you is to let them know you’re on the job hunt. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by changing your settings on LinkedIn.

“On LinkedIn by far the best tool is to tell recruiters you’re on the market,” recruiter Ed Han explained. “This is accomplished by going to your profile. Right below the section known as your intro card (name, headline, profile picture, location, etc., there’s an option to tell the users of LinkedIn’s Recruiter product that you’re open to new opportunities.”

Han went on to explain that, once you do this, you can also select different filters that will narrow down the type of job you want to have, such as desired job titles, locations you would like to work in, type of employment, and more. You can also make this section visible to “Recruiters Only,” in case you don’t want your current job to know you’re looking to leave. However, if you’re currently jobless, it’s best to make this section visible to everyone — this way there’s a better chance you’ll be seen by other recruiters and industry professionals.

Keep your online presence up to date and relevant

This one may go without saying, but if you want recruiters to notice you, you need to make sure they have access to all of your most recent accomplishments. Make sure your LinkedIn, resume, and personal website are up to date!

Include all of your skills, accomplishments, job titles, and really anything that will help you stand out. With the right online presence, recruiters will come to you instead of the other way around.

Founder of Chameleon Resumes and former recruiter Lisa Rangel said one crucial piece of information people forget to include is their contact information.

“Don’t make it more difficult for people to find you,” she said.

Giving people multiple ways to get in contact with you is even better, so they can choose what method works best for them. Rangel said it’s also important to make sure your professional profiles aren’t set to private.

When it comes to your personal social media accounts, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ll want to use discretion. Many recruiters and potential employers will look at these, too, to see how you represent yourself online. suggests: “You’ll want to turn your personal accounts on private or look through your posts to make sure they are positive and uncontroversial. Starting a professional social media account can be a good opportunity to follow companies you’re interested in, share relevant industry articles and share your thoughts on important issues in your career field.”

Use keywords to attract the right recruiters and job opportunities

A 2018 survey of hiring professionals revealed that many recruiters are using artificial intelligence to help them find candidates. 63% of respondents said AI has altered the way recruiting is done within their organization.

For you, this means using keywords to your benefit could help you attract the attention of the recruiters and jobs you want in your industry.

Harry Urschel, Managing Partner at Hansen Back recruiting and consulting firm, said making your profile straightforward and easy to read will help recruiters know right off the bat if they want to work with you.

“Any recruiter makes decisions very quickly when they are looking through LinkedIn profiles,” he said. “The only way to get found is through appropriate search-terms/keywords. The headline has to be clear about what you do. The profile has to be easy to digest. Long paragraphs take too long to read. There are always more profiles to look at. Make yours easy for them to connect the dots quickly.”

Take time to look through job titles that interest you and optimize your profile based on that. Pick out keywords used to describe the positions and fill your LinkedIn profile with those same keywords. You can also add in related keywords to get even more attention in your field of interest.

Be active and network within your field

If you want to go the extra mile and really grab a recruiter’s attention, work on building up a voice and becoming a thought leader in your field.

Just setting up your LinkedIn profile isn’t always enough. Posting regularly and interacting with your network will ensure that you make an impression on others. So, when a recruiter is looking for a candidate, they get to see your personality shine through and recognize you as someone who is active in your professional industry.

CNBC reported that this can even make a larger impact when it comes to AI programs that recruiters use to locate candidates:

“Something as simple as adding an insightful comment to a LinkedIn post will expand your online presence and help to amplify your voice. When you attend a work-related conference, add something about it to your profile or Tweet about it. AI algorithms are designed to capture information about these events and can help to set you apart from the crowd.”

Even if you just start by interacting with your friends or coworkers on networking sites, this will slowly allow you to build up a networking base and gain the attention of your peers. You can also get advice from people who have worked in the industry longer than you and learn how to attract even more attention in the long run.

Find a way to get involved and start putting in the work!

Put yourself out there

Sometimes, especially if you’re early on in your career, you can’t wait for a recruiter to notice you. You need to find another way to get on their radar.

This is when you can go ahead and directly contact recruiters that you might be interested in working with.

Try looking up recruiters in your industry on LinkedIn and start connecting with them. Recruiters are often working with lots of different clients and potential candidates, so they might not have anything that works for you right at the onset. However, if you put yourself on their networking radar, then you will increase your chances of having an opportunity when one comes available that you’re a good fit for.

However, says this isn’t the only way to go looking for recruiters.

“Another option is to use a recruiter directory, which you can find with a quick web search of the term ‘recruiter directory.’ These online resources are valuable for finding professional recruiters in your niche. Additionally, trade or industry organizations often include lists of members on their websites. When you join, you gain access to these lists, which often include the names of recruiters.”

Just remember, if you do decide to reach out to recruiters first, keep your message brief, specific and easy to read. Include the recruiter’s name and mention the position you’re interested in, so they know how best to help you. Recruiters are extremely busy, so they don’t always have a ton of time to communicate with someone who isn’t a current candidate, but sending a quick message will at least get you on their radar. gave a good example of an intro message: “We don’t know each other but I see you specialize in [insert your industry]. As a professional in this industry, I feel it would behoove us both to connect. I am open to new opportunities.”

Show off your personality

Don’t limit your online presence to strictly business. Keep in mind that people often just want to work with someone they like and recruiters are no exception. They’ll be more excited to match you with opportunities if you let your personality shine through!

Kris Dunn, VP of HR for a recruitment process outsourcing firm called Kinetix stressed the importance of an About section that shows off your personality:

“When positioning your LinkedIn profile, don’t underestimate the deeper impact of spending quality time on the About section of your profile. I took the time to write something original that top-lined who I am as a professional and had fun with it, and I’ve been reaping the benefits for years. While showing your spirit and soul in the About section may be viewed by some as risky, I’m convinced you’re more likely to find a cultural fit with your next company and boss by taking time in this important area of your LinkedIn Profile that most ignore.”

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