How to Make More Money Playing Solo (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

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While part of the fun of Phasmophobia is getting scared with friends, some players may want to take on the spookier, more difficult challenge of performing a ghost hunt solo. In Phasmophobia, players roleplay as a paranormal investigator, usually on a team of four, and enter a home to gather […]

While part of the fun of Phasmophobia is getting scared with friends, some players may want to take on the spookier, more difficult challenge of performing a ghost hunt solo. In Phasmophobia, players roleplay as a paranormal investigator, usually on a team of four, and enter a home to gather evidence that can help them identify the ghost. This is done using the professional ghost hunting equipment, which can get rather pricey. The ghost, meanwhile, can initiate a hunting phase to track down and kill teammates. Often the only way to avoid the ghost during these hunting phases is to hide. Having multiple people can help players more quickly and efficiently gather their evidence and get out of the house before the ghost becomes too agitated and starts hunting or before the team’s sanity drops too low.

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Teammates will earn money for correctly identifying the ghost, completing secondary objectives listed on the whiteboard in the truck, and getting photos of ghost activity. They can use this to purchase better equipment that will make ghost hunts easier. Without a team, however, it can be difficult for players to earn as much money, and this can make it harder to access the better equipment needed to make solo play a little easier. Thankfully, there are a few things players can do when on a solo hunt to make sure they earn more money.

How to Make More Money Playing Solo in Phasmophobia

A player uses a Spirit Box in Phasmophobia

Solo players are going to need to focus primarily on staying alive as long as possible and avoiding the ghost during hunting phases. Because they will be carrying the responsibilities of a team of four all on their own, they will need to do their best to stay alive long enough to identify the ghost and get pictures of ghostly activity, which are the two ways to earn money in the game. Here are a few ways to stay alive and earn the most money possible when playing solo:

Stay Quiet

The key to survival on a solo mission is to stay quiet. Normally, the team will communicate using local and global chat functions. This tends to stir the ghost and cause them to become more active. If players can avoid talking except when asking questions with the Spirit Box, they will stand a better chance and lower the risk of being hunted.

Find a Place to Hide

Solo players should also scope out the home as soon as they can to find a place away from the ghost’s room where they can hide during a hunting phase. They will need to stay out of the ghost’s line of sight if they want to stay alive, so having a place in mind from the start is essential.

Players see a ghost walking around the house in Phasmophobia

Choose a Smaller Map

Amateur and Intermediate maps don’t pay nearly as much as the Professional ones, but solo players may want to avoid the Professional level. While it is not at all impossible to solo a Professional map, it is far more difficult, and solo players likely will be more focused on staying alive than taking pictures to help them earn more money.

Amateur and Intermediate maps also give players the chance to set up their equipment before the ghost can become active, something that will be extremely important for solo players whose hunt will take longer.

Prioritize Finding the Ghost’s Room

Finding the ghost’s room can be tricky solo, especially on bigger maps. However, players can use sound cues to help them. It’s a good idea to wear headphones when playing solo to hear all the ambient sounds in the house. One of these noises may lead the player to the ghost’s room. It also helps to look for objects that are not where they belong. Some ghosts, like the Poltergeist, will do this right away. Others will take some time but will place things like books or stuffed animals on the floor of their room, out of place from everything else.

Additionally, players should always have the Thermometer in their starting set of equipment. While moving through the house and listening carefully for noises that might indicate where the ghost is hanging out, players can also check for a drop in temperatures, which is a telltale sign they are in the right place.

Phasmophobia House Ghost Co-op

Gather Evidence Systematically

Once the player has identified the ghost’s room, they should search for each piece of evidence systematically. A good strategy might be to begin with observational evidence, like a Ghost Orb or EMF and temperature readings. Then, the player can move to evidence gathered by indirect contact, like the Ghost Writing Book and UV Torch. Finally, the player can move to direct contact by speaking to the ghost through the Spirit Box.

It may also help to follow the same instructions as the player did in the training mission. To do this, they would begin with the Ghost Writing Book and the Video Camera. Once both are set, the player can return to the truck to check out the camera footage in search of the Ghost Orb and equip the Still Camera, Flashlight, and an EMF Reader. They should also check to see which secondary objectives they need to complete and remember to bring the right equipment for those smaller missions.

After the Ghost Writing Book, Video Camera, EMF Reader, and Thermometer, the player should bring in the Spirit Box and the UV Torch to finish gathering their evidence quickly. When they are reasonably certain they have all the information they need, it is best to get out and end the mission.

Players should remember they can set equipment like the Spirit Box or EMF Reader down in the room while they are still on and gather evidence they need to identify the ghost. This is important while playing solo so players can return to the truck to bring in all the needed equipment despite the three item limit. This can help them get evidence more quickly to correctly identify the ghost and get paid.

A player catches a ghost on Camera in Phasmophobia

Take Photos of Ghost Activity

Taking pictures of ghostly events earns players a lot of money in Phasmophobia. The only photo a solo player will not be able to capture to earn extra cash is the image of a teammate’s dead body. Apart from that, players should be able to get a picture of things like an out of place object, a ghostly interaction with a door or light switch, the Bone, Ouija Board, or Voodoo Doll, and dirty water in the sink, as long as those trigger.

It is not a good idea to agitate the ghost too much while playing alone, so players may want to skip the picture of the ghost and focus on those indirect images of ghostly activity to collect their extra cash. Particularly bold players can try to agitate the ghost when they are sure they know what kind of ghost they’re dealing with so they can see it and snap a photo, then flee to the safety of the truck. This has a good chance of backfiring, however, and only the most confident players should attempt it.

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Phasmophobia is available for PC.

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