The 14 Best Book Subscription Boxes

Laveta Brigham

Book subscription boxes are pretty much the greatest of-the-month club you could possibly join. They guarantee you always have a new book to read without having to ask around for suggestions or getting decision anxiety at the bookstore. Not to mention that subscribing to a book of the month club […]

Book subscription boxes are pretty much the greatest of-the-month club you could possibly join. They guarantee you always have a new book to read without having to ask around for suggestions or getting decision anxiety at the bookstore. Not to mention that subscribing to a book of the month club is a great way to increase the number of books you read. Oh, and did we mention that these are also fantastic gifts? That keep on giving, and that you don’t even need to WRAP?

There are book subscription boxes for every genre and price point, from a single no-frills used book for $5 a month to an absolutely extra (in the best way) box that comes with individually wrapped gifts and instructions to open them on specific pages. (Yeah.) Check out the 15 best book subscription boxes ahead. There’s one (or two) (or seven) perfect for every kind of reader.

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For the Feminist in Training

Feminist Book Club – from $12/month

Feminist Book Club isn’t just a book subscription box—it’s a feminist community of readers and resisters, all coming together to dig into intersectional titles. There are different membership levels to choose from, ranging from access to a virtual book club discussion to a subscription box filled with unique products from small woman and queer-owned businesses. No matter which membership you choose, 5 percent of your subscription fee will be donated to a worthy feminist organization.


For the Aspiring Librarian

Call Number – from $20 every three months

If you’ve ever fantasized about quitting your job and becoming a librarian (so, all book lovers, then), you’ll be into Call Number. Founded by an academic librarian wanting to make it more convenient for people to read Black authors, Call Number is a quarterly book subscription box that highlights Black voices from around the world. You can choose just the book or upgrade to a box that also includes library and/or book-themed items. Whether you select fiction or non-fiction, every book box comes with a library packet—including a catalog card, spine label, and label protector—so you can fulfill your dreams of starting your own little library.


For the Romantic Spirit

Bubbles & Books – from $15/month

If you haven’t heard, romance novels are back. (Just kidding, they never went away.) Whether you’re a hardcore romance junkie or just dipping your toe into the books-with-guys-who-look-like-Fabio-on-the-cover genre, Bubbles & Books delivers the hot, steamy stories you crave—to be enjoyed while immersed in a hot, steamy tub of bubbles. They offer a wide range of monthly membership options that all include brand-new romance novels (plural) and luxury bath products (plural) to help you get your romance on.


For the Rainbow Reader

Gertie Book Club – $42 every 3 months

LGBTQ+ books shouldn’t just be celebrated during Pride Month; they belong on your bookshelf all year long. The Gertie Book Club is here to help you expand your queer reading list. Every three months (that’s just $14 a month!), you’ll get two literary books written by both emerging and established LGBTQ authors. The titles are hand-selected by the editors of Gertrude, a queer literary journal. It’s a fantastic way to support a small press and read the rainbow at the same time.


For the Cool Mom

Momo’s Book Club – from $14.99/month

When we were kids, children’s books were so…well, white. But things have changed, and now, the genre includes so much more than white nuclear families. If you want to diversify your kiddo’s bookshelf (or your niece’s or nephew’s) with a children’s book club subscription box, we highly recommend Momo’s Book Club. The books show strong female characters, diverse families and cultures, a range of family structures, and characters that celebrate uniqueness.


For the No-Frills Thrifter

Used Books Monthly – from $5.79/month

A book is a book is a book. Sure, we love the feeling of cracking open a brand-new, hot-off-the-presses novel. But you know what we love even more? Buying a used book. Not only is it better for the environment to read used books, but it also costs you less money—and Used Books Monthly might just be the cheapest book subscription box out there. Plans start at just $5.79 a month including shipping—nope, not a typo—for a single book. Just choose how many books you want to receive (one, two, or four), select your genre, and you’ll get a box filled with randomly selected reads. No frills. Just books. It doesn’t have to be complicated.


For the Naughty Librarian

Bawdy Bookworms – from $27.95/month

We’ll cut right to the chase: Bawdy Bookworms is a book subscription box that sends you a romance novel and a sex toy. But they’re not just any romance novels—they’re diverse romance novels, thoughtfully selected to show a range of people finding love and getting frisky. (Y’know, like how it is out in the real world.) You can sign up for the monthly “quickie” box or the more (ahem) packed quarterly box. Don’t worry; the boxes are sent discreetly, so your neighbors won’t know about your naughty little habit. Best of all, batteries are always included.


For the Teenage Dreamer

marginsbox – from $34.95/month

Finally, a diverse YA book subscription box. marginsbox, created by two YA authors, delivers a brand-new hardcover YA book written by a BIPOC author to your door every month. You’ll also get handcrafted items made by BIPOC creators that match the theme of the book. Not only does your subscription support diverse authors and creators, but it also expands your own horizons and gives talented marginalized voices a bigger place on your bookshelf. That’s what we call a win-win-win.


For the Swag Collector

Once Upon a Bookshelf – from $34.99/month

Prepare for a book subscription box and a reading experience truly unlike any other. Every month, Once Upon a Book Club sends a book (adult or YA, hardcover or paperback) and individually wrapped gifts that correspond to a quote or item mentioned in the book. Seriously: There are sticky notes that say “Open your gift” scattered throughout the book, allowing the story to legit come to life IRL. And it all comes neatly packaged in a box shaped like a book. Is it extra AF? Absolutely, but in the best ways possible.


For the Home Barista

Coffee and a Classic – from $41.99/month

Wine-and-book pairings are out, and coffee-and-book pairings are in. There’s nothing greater than curling up with a book and a mug filled with a hot bev and getting lost in a story for hours on end. With Coffee and a Classic, you’ll get a classic book (past titles include “The Little Prince” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” ever heard of ‘em?), something to sip on (like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate), two book-themed items, and a bookmark. For the full shebang, upgrade and you’ll and get a mug and something to snack on, too.


For the Global Traveler

Boxwalla Book Box – $29.95/month

Unfortunately, there are so many incredible writers that are under-read. The Boxwalla Book Box wants to change that. Sent every other month, it includes two books by two authors, from the past or the present, that aren’t widely-read but should be. The box also includes a beautiful bookish gift, like a pocket notebook or a set of literary-themed postcards.


For the Self-Improvement Junkie

CoachCrate – from $45/month

Self-help books are great, but sometimes it’s like, “So, now what…?” It can be hard to know how to actually put their messages into action. That’s where CoachCrate comes in. It’s a 30-day personal growth plan designed around a theme like focus, happiness, or gratitude. In each box, you’ll get a monthly coaching breakdown, a book with a reading guide, recorded online coaching sessions, and well-being items. It’s like a therapist, life coach, mentor, and cheerleader all wrapped up in one neat lil box.


For the Indie Bookstore Lover

Books Are Magic Monthly Magic Book Subscriptions – from $120 for 6 months

When it comes to indie bookstores, Books Are Magic is a Brooklyn darling. If you haven’t visited author Emma Straub’s idyllic shop in Cobble Hill, you’ve probably seen (and gotten jealous about) somebody pose in front of the Books Are Magic mural on Instagram. A great way to support the shop is to sign up for a 6 or 12-month book subscription: Choose from fiction, nonfiction, poetry, YA, middle grade, and picture books.


For the Forever Teenager

Bookship – from $39.99/month

A book subscription box dedicated entirely to young adult romance? Sign. Us. TF. Up. With Bookship, every month you’ll get a new YA novel and specialized bookish items to enhance your enjoyment of the stories. It’ll make you feel 16 all over again—but, you know, without all the drama and awkwardness. Sign up for next month’s box now, because boxes are capped and sell out quickly.


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